Why doesn't the puppy call?

My name is 50 days, but I will only hum and won't scream. Is there a problem or normal?

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  1. It is normal for puppies to call this situation.
    The reason why the puppy will not call:
    The throat has not yet developed;
    2. No thing to stimulate them to pronounce, generally dogs will not actively call; Small.
    Extended information:
    This dogs should pay attention to the following points:
    1. Please borne rope for a walk, because even if your dog is very docile, but others do not know, or even if you know the dog, you know that the dog knows the dog There are also people who are afraid of docile, so you should not force others to accept your habits and your "docile" dog. When you are afraid of passers -by, please pull the dog rope when you are afraid of your dog to show people respect for each other.
    2. And it must bring "plastic bags of dog dung" to prevent dogs from excreting.
    3. With a mouthful of vicious dogs, for dogs who love to bite or bark, be sure to bring a reliable mouth cover (the no -reliable mouth cover dog will get rid of it).
    4. When entering the elevator or crossing the road, "must" pull the dog rope approach. It is recommended to pull it directly from the dog's "neck" and then enter the elevator. It will be separated by the elevator door with the dog. As the elevator is up and down, the dog is likely to be grasped around the neck, and the "god quality" elevator will also be dangerous.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia_ Dog

  2. Is your puppy an adult? If not, this phenomenon is normal, because it is still small, so I do n’t know the housekeeper. If it grows up, it will be called when there is a born person. Of course, in the process, you must not reprimand it because of its shouting, otherwise it is more training. It thinks that you think it is not good, and you will not call anymore.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is based on your question, my answer is: puppy will not call, it may be caused by the new environment. The owner accompanies it to play, combs hair, and feeds it, so that it is good to be familiar with the new environment as soon as possible. If it is a physiological problem, you need to take it to the hospital for treatment in time.nI asked me yesterday I bought a Bomei, it didn’t call, very quiet, and then I caught it. What is going on?nStill like to sleepnSome puppies were the same when they were young. They were very gentle and didn't call them. I thought it was a dumb dog, but after one year old, I would be Wangwang to some strangers. I think it may be because the dog is more personal ...nThe puppies just bought may always be caused by the following reasons: First, the puppies themselves have a long sleep time. Usually, puppies sleep for about 16 to 18 hours a day, which will help their bodies return to normal. Second, if the dog keeps sleeping and does not eat or drink, it may be because the dog suffers from illness. The owner should take the dog to the hospital for treatment in time.nThis is personal opinion. for your information. Hope to help you. Hope to get your praise. Thanks!nAsk it to eat, but I eat very little, my friends, they all say it is abnormalnI don't understand the first time I raised a dognAnswernThis may be the impact of just reaching the new environment.nPuppy has a lot of sleep than people, and sleeps more than ten hours a day, but if the owner is too long to sleep, the owner needs to pay attention. First, it may be because the puppy has just changed the new environment and is not adapted. He is afraid of the strange environment and cannot sleep in the bed. In this case, the owner does not need to worry about it. It will improve after it is familiar with the environment. Second, the impact of the disease, cold, gastroenteritis, etc., the owner should immediately take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment.nAsk if it always grasps skin diseases on your body?nAnswer I suggest you observe for a few days to see if the situation is good or not. If it is not improved, take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment immediately!nAsk questionsnThe answer causes. Most of the skin problems of dogs are caused by fungi, mites or bacterial infections! Take a bath for the puppy.nRemember ... Thank you!nI wish you a happy life.n15 morenBleak

  4. The puppies are almost humming and won't bark. And the bitch loves hum, loves coquettish like a little girl. It will be called, but then it will make you annoying. Dogs and people are the easiest to cultivate deep feelings. Dogs are very affectionate animals. Even if you abandon it, it will never abandon you.

  5. It is recommended that you induce dogs, stimulate it with food, and do not hit it anymore, so it will be more timid. If it can be diligent, it is not a dumb dog! You can be barking in the future! When the dog is young, the personality of the dog is inseparable from the owner's praise and scolding of him. If you want your dog to be fierce, don't fight again! Hope your dog will say as soon as possible!

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