How to feed golden bears (eat, drink, Lashawash)

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  1. Golden bears are gold hamsters, so they are raised the same

    In general, when buying or adopting hamsters, they will buy a pair of male and female, but if it is not for reproduction, it is best to separate the cage.

    The cage should be placed in places with better air circulation and placed in a place where it will not be blown by the rain.


    This hamsters are very sensitive to temperature changes, so he should not be too cold and overheated. Especially if the temperature of the hamster is lower than 4 to 5 degrees in winter, it may enter hibernation, and it should be paid special attention.

    . For hamsters' body temperature maintenance and plot should be paved. There is also a small nest where hamsters can sleep in the cage.


    If feeding hamsters without odor, at least once a week of cage, change the pad once, Essence It is best to use large pieces and dry wood chips. However, it may cause allergies according to the different pad material, so be sure to confirm the material of the wood chips and buy the pad.

    ******************* r n
    This to make hamsters can make some dry grass or noodles such as nests such as sleeping shops and nests Essence Nesting materials must not use cotton texture.

    . So if he puts the hamster urine in the toilet, he will be until the toilet and only NN there. In this case, the cushion will be kept clean for a long time.

    It above is the reference material

    is personal breeding experience
    If you die with water, you need to use a special bath sand. If you think it is too expensive, you can make it by yourself. The method knows that you can find

    , but hamsters need to drink water. You can buy a special hamster water dispenser. Otherwise, you can feed it with mineral water lids. When you drink it, take out the lid to prevent SS from turning it over and feed it once a day.

    The raw materials for the eight treasure porridge purchased by my SS to eat supermarkets, all kinds of grain, the fruit, I eat, give them points, but do not feed bananas for SS to eat! SS is omnivorous, so I occasionally feed it turtle food so that I do n’t buy special bread hamsters to eat bread insects ~ Feed the original sunflower seeds once a week!

    You can hug SS, cultivate feelings with it, and let it climb on your body ~ Usually activity requires that kind of tube that will be turned. It is best not to use iron wires.
    I am the poor people raised, but my SS is still pretty good! Mainly you have to love it!

    The questions can I ask me ~

  2. My family also has a bear, you can add me to communicate! In fact, bears are a kind of hamster, and the method of raising is the same! Raider upstairs, hamsters can eat bananas! There are only a small part below. I can collect a lot of collection!

    . The basic concept and mentality of hamster breeding:
    (1) Please don't think that "it" is just a rat, life is not important.
    (2) Please do not heat for three minutes, raise it, please take care of it, pet it, and take care of it for a lifetime.
    (3) Please do not abandon arbitrarily, and do not release it. This approach is equivalent to sentenced it to death.
    (4) Please do what you can, give your rats, your pets the best enjoyment.
    (5) Please do not bite you because of it, but it takes time to accompany it.
    (6) Please don't think it is burden, spend some time to accompany it!
    (7) After the mouse dies, please do not discard arbitrarily. Remember not to throw it to the trash can. Please prepare for its funeral.
    (8) Please do not want to take care of other rats in the family because of sadness because of sorrow.

    . The hamster breeding eight taboos:
    (1) Forbidden food for feeding people to eat, excessive salt, excessive seasoning, will increase the burden on the body.
    (2) It is forbidden to directly contact the sun. The rats are very afraid of heat. Summer is here. Please use heat sinks or marble to cool down for them.
    (3) If unnecessary, wash the mouse body.
    (4) Please understand your own rats. Living alone or different varieties prohibit cage breeding.
    (5) If you have no psychological preparation or financial ability, do not raise the mother and mouse cage, and the rats are very impressive.
    (6) It is forbidden to use unknown feed. Please discard the insects or mildew, do not feed!
    (7) It is forbidden to use newspapers and excessive newspaper ink.
    (8) It is forbidden to raise the rats in small spaces, and at least there must be aquarium, food basin, small nest and other supplies in the space.

    . Basic equipment for hamster breeding:
    (1) Food basin: everything can be, including clean ashtray, small box, etc. Pay attention to the edges, do not scratch the rat child.
    (2) Roller: Please use seamless rolling wheels, sewing wheels, and rats are easy to get stuck when they run.
    (3) Aquarius: Steel bead -type water bottle is the best, and there are droplet -type type. The most important thing is to consider not leakage.
    (4) Xiaowo: You can do it by yourself, use carton, carton, etc., you can also use the small nest sold on the market, you can also use a glass seasoning bottle, and the Rora's film I took. The same kind.
    (5) Summer supplies in summer: marble, heat sink, ice cubes, cold sofa, etc.
    (7) Heating supplies in winter: cotton, warm bags, socks, towel paper.
    (8) Cage: There are senior mouse cages on the market. The price ranges from about 100-300 rooms. Now think about it, in fact, the fish tank is the most practical. Invest too much money. You can choose freely according to personal preferences and acceptance. But be sure to ensure that the rat has enough space to play. If you buy a high -end mouse cage, the roller will be configured in the cage. If you use a fish tank, you can also buy a rolling wheel in one single.
    The pet market for New Mart's top floor and the Xiajinqiao flower, birds, fish and insect market halls are sold in the lobby in the lobby in the lobby in the market hall of the Xiajinqiao, and the cage, rolling wheels, and water bottle. You can find it.
    [★ cage chassis, please do not use iron wire mesh, rats are prone to fracture injuries]

    . Basic consumables of hamster breeding:
    (1) Cushion material: pine wood chips, poplar wood, white poplar wood, white poplar wood, white poplar wood There are many kinds of laboratory wood chips. In winter, the rats can be kept warm and water absorption.
    (2) Fine cat sand: It is more suitable in summer. It is cool. It is cool. (There are places to buy cat supplies in the supermarket. Don't buy crystal cat sand, just ordinary ones, small gray granules are formed)
    [★ Fine cat sand, please choose fine cat sand without perfumers! 】
    (3) Corn Gen: Use in summer, cool, but not absorb water, and the price is slightly more expensive (not recommended).
    (4) Wood chips cushion parts, please try not to use wood chips containing fragrance and wood chips with excessive decoration products.

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