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  1. First, care
    This is about 63-66 days during pregnancy, but some will last until 71 days. If premature birth, most of them die shortly after birth or after delivery.
    m female cats during pregnancy will need more protein and calories, but if you feed high-quality food and balanced business, you do not need to change the quality of food within 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. Essence
    It diet
    It should be careful not to diet during pregnancy during pregnancy, or cause obesity and muscle relaxation due to insufficient exercise, which will cause production difficulties. The number of foods and feeding should be arranged reasonably.
    It, to give birth
    The best and the easiest delivery room is the carton. Open a mouth 10-15 cm from the bottom to facilitate the mother cats and prevent the kitten from falling out.
    It is preferably a lid. When necessary, you can open the lid to take care of the kitten. It is best to let the female cat adapt to this box 1 week before production. You can try to put a clean soft towel to encourage it to sleep inside.

    extension information:
    can appropriately increase nutritional foods containing protein, such as salmon, chicken breasts and fish soup, or feed Ordering sheep milk powder is also possible to be as high as I said with the above -mentioned category cats with high milk content.
    It in the middle and late stages of pregnancy (6-7 weeks), be sure to cook a certain amount of fish soup per day for female cats to promote milk secretion (the best catfish soup). In addition, pay attention to the supplement of calcium to prevent female cats from loose teeth and weakness after raw cats.
    The nutritional foods that can absorb digestion at this time, such as MAG high -energy nutrition or MAG taurine nutrition cream, ensure sufficient physical strength and energy.

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