5 thoughts on “Can I have the forehead of pet cats at home?”

  1. Cats like to wash their faces and heads with saliva, and you are equivalent to kissing it. But cats don’t like people's face approaching, they will avoid it

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question ~ Now I am handing back to the content of the editor of you, but it takes a little time, please wait patiently, thank you, thank you ~ I wish you a good luck here.nHello, cats like it. Cats are acceptable because this can increase the relationship between each other. However, cats only accept trust, and usually explain to you if the cat's abdomen explained to you. Cats do not like the odor. The irritating taste will interfere with the smell of cats. If you eat garlic, cats and other cats will not approach you, let alone let you kiss, rinse a mouthful. Hope to help you ~nI can ask you some. Is it a problem?nOf course, you can, please.nFirst, when I was lying on the bed, he liked to lie on my abdomen. When I was sitting on the bench, he liked to jump on my leg and lie. Can this show what?nAnswer General cats are relatively "cold". It can explain to you so closely that it fully trusts you and rely on you.nI am still a student. If I start school, I can only go home on the weekend. In this way, will the relationship between us π_πnI can't answer, I understand your feelings for cats, but learning is more important. After a long time, it will be strange to you, but it will soon be familiar with it.nHow should I judge the age of a cat?nthank you. , I have read my news. , But can I reply as soon as possible,nThe age of the cat is mainly based on the cat's teeth. The young cats began to grow deciduous teeth in about two weeks. The whole part of the Estangous tooth grows, and the tip of the second tooth of the cat in the age of 1-2 will be chewed because of chewingnIn addition to the above question, the question has the last question. Which behaviors can enhance the relationship with cats.nAnswer a lot to accompany and play, do not use violence, try to hug them as much as possiblenMore 11nBleak

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