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  1. The group name is as follows:
    1, swearing a disabled, one -size -fits knife, one child, the second forced club, the negative 2nd generation, the good girlfriend of China, the five major diamonds, the sweeping brigade, the joyful, thanks to the youth thanks , Beautiful as an immortal group, a congress, hi, kill the Matt family, Ruili Hongchunyuan, the happy family.
    2, the flower of hell, the god beast alliance, the night field hi youth, the beauty food group, not afraid of losing, the custom of life, the rejuvenation of the past, let you fly, fingers the day, youth burning years, no tears, all from the beginning, the best, powerful Men, you don't understand my Feel, lady's world, cow dung love flowers.
    3, the crazy years
    4, the soul of the lost
    5, the most beautiful meeting you
    The skills of the net name
    1, the net name should combine your own characteristics
    If the name is obtained by the parents and failed to show their aspirations, will, and characteristics, then the name of the net can make up for this shortcoming and let you take a name you are satisfied with.
    Before taking the net name, it is best to clarify your purpose first, and understand what kind of results you want to achieve through the net name. After that, according to your hobbies, or personality, intention, or career, etc., let people have a preliminary understanding of your net name.
    2, the net name can be combined with the fortune that you want to improve
    Pegal people feel that their emotional fortunes are not good, some people want to improve their wealth, and others care more about their health. Pay attention to your career development and so on. Depending on your different focus, when you pick up the net name, you can naturally focus on more effort.
    3, the combination of the net name and your own zodiac
    Whether it is the real name, pseudonym, art name, or network name, you must consider the combination of the zodiac, instead of the situation with the zodiac, so as not to have the fortune of your own fortune, so as not to do your fortune. Cause adverse effects.
    4, the best net name also respects the surname
    The friends may think that the net name is nothing to do with reality, and you can use other surnames. Remind everyone that there is no surname in the net name. If you want to use the surname, it is best to use your original surname or your mother's last name instead of using other surnames at will.
    The surname represents the inheritance of the blood. It is called the symbol of "Far Beasts and Beasts, Don't Marry", which is of great significance, so even when taking the net name, it must be respected.

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