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  1. For example, "What do you know about our hospital or why you choose their hospital?" Generally, you must check the relevant introduction of the hospital and what the relevant leaders look like before the interview. Pay attention to doing eye communication with the main leaders, and it is self -introduction. This should be simply highlighting your advantages and specialties. Other issues are "you just joined the job, what do you do? Do n’t believe what you do if your diagnosis and so on. You should have the problems you encountered after joining the job. You should have the bottom of your heart. The most important point is confidence. I wish you a good job. For reference only ~

  2. 1. As a medical worker, what advantages and deficiencies do you think you have?
    . I am a medical worker who is engaged in medical work and can contact all kinds of people and often deal with some emergency events. This makes me have a strong ability to do things. It is relatively calm and the level of dealing with things is clear. Relieving, serious, stable, patient and meticulous.
    . I have a strong group spirit, and I can establish a mutually trustworthy cooperative relationship with my colleagues. I have good listening ability and communication ability. I can interact with others, share information and honor, take work hard, and complete it in time. And he is happy to help colleagues, be willing to undertake work other than his job, and improve and improve this spirit at work.
    three, as the saying goes, no one is perfect, there is no gold, and there are also shortcomings in me, such as shallow social experience and less work experience. And sincerely and openly ask others to learn from others to overcome the shortcomings and constantly improve yourself.
    2. When you are on duty, a sudden fainting in front of you, how do you deal with it?
    . It is normal to encounter such a thing at work. I should be calm, quickly, and properly handle this matter. It should not be panic.
    , immediately check the patient's vital signs to see if it is stable, and at the same time report this situation to the hospital's total duty doctor.
    . If the patient's condition is stable, then I will make corresponding symptoms of the patient with the nurse on duty
    . If the patient's condition is serious, I should immediately contact other departments Doctors who are on duty ask for assistance for treatment.
    . During the treatment process, you cannot leave your duties, let alone arrange for the class by yourself. If the patient needs to be accompanied by inspection, you should report the situation with the doctor of the total duty class, and then leave after being approved.
    3. You are a medical staff in the emergency department. When you are on duty, your relatives and friends are anxious about you. What would you do?
    1, carefully ask relatives and friends, understand the specific situation, nature, etc., and make corresponding judgments.
    . If this urgent matter is related to my career, such as relatives' discomfort, or injury, I will deal with it according to the situation on duty at the time, according to the severe severe condition, first deal with patients with serious patients. Because private relationships are prioritized to take care of relatives
    . If it is private, I will explain to my relatives to explain the principle of our emergency duty. We must adhere to the post and not be good at leaving the job. Relatives and friends can understand
    . If things are really urgent, I will ask the hospital's total duty doctor for leave. After the leadership of the duty, the relevant personnel will be replaced before they can leave the duty position;
    4, you, you After being hired, what preparations will you do if you go to the countryside to support farmers?
    . As a newly hired doctor, it is necessary to exercise at the grassroots level, and the work of the grassroots is also very important. Therefore, I will not complain, but to exercise at the grassroots level with a positive attitude. It can enrich my grassroots work experience and lay a good foundation for better work in the future.
    . Check the relevant information and understand the national and rural policies and measures in depth.
    . Third, to understand the overall situation of the economic development of the township through the relevant departments, such as the Statistics Bureau, etc. The ground understands the actual situation, the people's thoughts, the weak parts of the local area, and the planning of their own work, and the key issues at work.
    5. What do you think of individual medical workers who receive red envelopes in violation of regulations? What would you do if you encountered this situation?
    , the phenomenon of red envelopes exists, but this situation is individual, not common, most doctors refuse to accept red envelopes. In recent years, the competent health department has repeatedly used the "receiving red envelope" to operate and carried out the industry's unconventional rectification work. From the establishment of a report to the establishment of a clean account; from hiring social supervisors unannounced visits; the "Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that physicians must not use their duties, ask for, illegally accept patients' property or get other improper benefits, and collect red envelopes. The problems have changed a lot in recent years.
    . Most of the hospitals are public -owned. The normal income of the doctor is based on qualifications. The professional titles are determined. The ability to do with the ability will do more work and do not take much. One of the reasons. The social environment has caused a red envelope for doctors. In fact, the root of the red envelope is not in the doctor. Patients often have such a view that doctors will not seriously see a doctor if they do not send a doctor's red envelope. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.
    three, when I encounter such a situation, I will explain to the patient that I will never receive the red envelope, and to him that the real patient will not send the red envelope, and the doctor will seriously see the doctor. Life is joking, this is our professional ethics, the minimum criterion for a doctor.
    6. When you are on duty, how do you do if you find mass nitrite poisoning?
    . Immediately report this situation to the leaders of the hospital, including the general number of poisoning, place, serious situation, etc.
    , immediately contact the doctor of the total duty class. All departments of the hospital are prepared to rescue a large number of patients.
    three, rescue patients should be distinguished and anxious. Those who are seriously injured should be rescued first. While rescue, we must get in touch with the patient's family as soon as possible
    . The hospital security personnel should be notified to maintain order. The situation further deteriorates
    . In the process, what should be reported to the superiors at any time
    7, the state is vigorously developing community hygiene. Go to the township community health center for 5 years. Do you think your role in the community is great or in a municipal hospital?
    . The country vigorously develops community health services. This is the policy of benefiting the country and the people. As a newly hired doctor, it is necessary to exercise at the grassroots level. Complaints, but to exercise at the grassroots level with a positive attitude
    , the size of the role, I think it is necessary to dialectically look at it. Working at the grassroots level can enrich my grass -roots work experience and improve my basic business level. It is to lay a good foundation for better work in the future
    . There are various opportunities for exercise, and the business level can be greatly improved, because with the experience accumulated in the community before, it can play a greater role
    8 ,. What do you think of the hospital you are intern? The place is not very reasonable, how do you deal with it.
    . In the process of internship, I found that in the hospital where I was intern, there were relatively few facilities provided by the disabled
    . For this situation, I would conduct a survey with my classmates, such as calculating calculations The number of disabled people who enter the hospital within a week, please fill in some questionnaires for the disabled.
    . After the investigation, I will write a detailed investigation report to the hospital to analyze the patient’s satisfaction and the equipment that needs to be added. Solution
    9. Salesman of a large pharmaceutical company came to your department to sell medicines, claiming that he had opened up the relationship in the hospital and other colleagues had received red envelopes. As long as you helped prescribe more medicines here, you can make a commission in proportion and prepare to send it. When you red envelope, just happened to come in at this time, what should you do?
    1, I will definitely not collect red envelopes with Yao Dai. As a medical worker, I have the minimum professional ethics
    . Actively communicate with colleagues. , And ask colleagues, how to solve such a thing next time
    , to reflect on yourself, and see if you are usually speechless or behavioral. , Caused misunderstandings!
    . If the phenomenon of this red envelope does happen, I should recommend to the hospital to improve the relevant system
    10, and medical disputes in today's society have become hot topics. What do you think of?
    1, the occurrence of medical disputes and medical accidents is inevitable, especially due to the influence of many factors in recent years, the incidence of medical accidents has increased significantly.
    . The analysis of various types of medical disputes and accidents in recent years can almost find lessons from responsibility. If the work is not serious, the system is not implemented, the speech is casual, and the skills are not taught. Therefore, I feel that in order to do a good job of preventing medical disputes, we must strengthen the sense of responsibility at all levels.

    three, no one wants to see the occurrence of medical disputes, because the wishes of both doctors and patients are the same. As a doctor, we must strengthen communication with patients with patients with each other. Medicine is a very professional field. Patients must first trust and abide by the doctor's entrustment, actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment and examination, and understand some common sense of disease. And the "doctor's parents' heart", doctors also need to treat anxious patients with a kind and patient attitude. When they are advised to perform relevant examinations and treatment, they should explain to their families clearly. In this way, it can prevent disputes subjectively, so as to ensure the smooth progress of medical work, so that patients can be treated in a timely manner and recover as soon as possible.

    11. The current H1N1 is popular. You are the people of the Health Bureau. How do you organize a publicity activity? What key issues will you encounter?
    1, the current popular H1N1 is popular, which has caused the global spread. We must first pay attention to this matter in mind. We must vigorously promote how to prevent it, and tell some conventional treatment principles
    . Disted plans, and then plan, that we have planned, and then plan. The time, place, objects, departments that need coordination, the necessary funds, the selection of the activity staff, the specific form of activities, and the specific content of the activities are reported to the leadership approval.
    three, do a good job of preparation, coordinate in advance, apply for funds, choose and conduct staff's selection and training, contact the streets and other grass -roots departments, and ask them to assist this work. And issued some brochures to facilitate issuance on the spot.
    Fourth, in the process of implementation, do a good job of organizing and coordinating work, and ensure that the activities are successfully held
    . After the event, we must summarize it in time to report to the leaders and summarize experience lessons.

    12. If you are in the clinic, you suddenly find a patient suspected to be H1N1. What should you do?
    . Tell patients in a polite tone that he needs to do other examinations, and then take him to another room for isolation.
    three, immediately report this situation to the superior, and explain that the patient has been isolated
    , and inform the patient euphemistically that he may suffer from HIN1. He can cooperate with our work for isolation, don't walk around everywhere

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