1 thought on “Whether to buy and sell WeChat is illegal”

  1. Selling its own WeChat signal is generally not illegal, and the micro -signal of buying and selling WeChat with legal channels is not illegal. It would be illegal to sell other people's micro -signals privately.
    The situation of benefits of gaining benefits by selling the privacy of others in practice is very common. According to the relevant [laws and regulations] regulations in my country, illegally leaking the personal privacy of the parties to others should be illegally leaked to others without the permission of the parties. The following imprisonment or detention.
    [[Legal basis]]
    "Criminal Law" One of Article 253, [Crime of violations of citizens] violated relevant state regulations, sold or provides personal information of citizens, and the circumstances were serious. ;
    The sentences or detention of less than three years at the
    , and the fines or single fines; the circumstances are particularly serious, and they are sentenced to imprisonment for three years and seven years, and a fine.
    The violation of relevant state regulations, and the personal information of citizenship obtained during the performance of duties or providing services will be sold or provided to others.
    Is to steal or obtain personal information of citizens in other methods, punishment shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph.
    The first three crimes of the unit shall be punished by the unit and the person in charge and other direct responsible persons who are directly responsible for them shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of each paragraph.
    [Warm reminder]
    I answers, only for the current information combined with my understanding of the law, please be careful for reference!
    If you still have questions about this problem, it is recommended that you sort out relevant information and communicate in detail with the professionals.

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