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  1. How to do the fission of the community (dry goods)

    The community as an operating method, it is unlimited industry and unlimited products. You can provide huge help for the resources of any industry. For the repurchase operation of old customers in e -commerce operations, the community can be applied almost in the cold start phase of all products in the operation of online education products and the operation of seed users. And each of us has at least one in the group.

    So what way do we use to operate the community, so as to produce fission?

    1. Establish seed users

    2. Plan the fission. Material

    3. Seed user fission starts

    4. Community operation

    So how do we fission?
    n1, explosion, explosion Powder

    is important to explode powder. It is an important factor in whether you can quickly get customers. If you can explode 2W a month, then you have 2W resources to achieve the purpose of fast acquisition.

    2. Operation

    Is when we have 2W pan -powder, we must form a screening mechanism through scientific operations, and turn these pan -powder into fine powder. It is to buy a precise customer group of your product to empower your product. So after we get precision customers through the product attributes, functional characteristics, and price interval, the subsequent traffic is to match buyers with strong purchases and accurate purchase willingness to match your products. This is your seed user
    3. How to fission

    The tips of fission is to provide users with sufficient value through activities, so as to make everyone motivated to forward and fission. For example: Share the collection of gifts, this is also-the fission method. But this kind of activity will disappear when sharing several times. Some people may ask why? Because you do not build a common community one by one. This is why fission does not have too much perception in human mind. Therefore, we must first build a common community for common interests, common ideas, and common interests. In this way, you will be very smooth without fission without any sense of push.

    In offline catering as an example: If you are creating a dining category community, then the group in it must be snacks that like food. The method of playing XX folds to generate fission, so as to achieve the continuous repurchase of old customers, there will be constantly new customers to develop into the store.

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