I want to find an agent in Hangzhou's clothing brand, but I know which clothing company in Hangzhou is good, who can help me introduce it?

5 thoughts on “I want to find an agent in Hangzhou's clothing brand, but I know which clothing company in Hangzhou is good, who can help me introduce it?”

  1. If the local consumption level is OK, you can choose to make a brand. Now more and more people generally have some brands they like in their hearts. They usually choose to go to these places when selling clothes. However, most of the brands need to join the franchise fee, as many as hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands, but currently there are no franchise fees among some clothing brands.

    The clothing is nothing more than making bulk goods and franchise brands. To do prose, investment is relatively small, and there are more clothing styles for your own choice. However, it will encounter the phenomenon of the customer's bargain. Sometimes when you encounter a fierce customer, you have a small profit, but sometimes you can only sell a single business in order to sell more. Being a brand is guaranteed in quality, unique in style, its own style, and branding, it will not be counted by customers, so the profit is relatively high.

    First. Determine the brand market positioning. The acceptable products that can be accepted are approximately prices; the peers around the business district around the store can avoid the competitive brand series; distinguish the consumer group, decide to join mens, women's or children's clothing brands; the amount of funds invested in the plan. When all this decision is clear, the brand scope of joining can be reduced to a certain degree. In this way, the brand that screened out can do more with less and increase the success rate.
    . The positioning of the clothing style is determined, and the consumer object is determined
    The product style is the design concept and popular taste of the product. The product style is divided into mainstream style and tributary style. The mainstream style is high and the fashion is slightly low, which is the leading product of the market; the tributary style is suitable for consumers who are suitable for extreme popularity, and they are often a precursor to popularity. Generally speaking, the mainstream style includes: urban style, rural style, romantic style, rigorous style, simple style, traditional style, avant -garde style, classic style, etc.; tributary style includes: market style, military and police style, national style, mutant style, etc. Essence Style positioning allows operators to determine whether the number of target customer groups is sufficient, whether product pricing has price competitiveness, and whether it is in line with local consumer consumption habits.
    3. Investigation of the development status of franchisees and whether the profit space it can give is reasonable
    to understand the development of the brand company, it is very important for franchisees to choose. As a supplier, its development is closely related to franchisees. Therefore, franchisees should at least understand the company's credit, production bases and operating strength, franchise store conditions, whether the supply can be guaranteed normally, etc. A healthy and mature company is a guarantee for franchisees to make a profit.
    The profit space is one of the most important principles to join a brand, because joining is for profit. Let's first look at the funds that franchisees need to invest: store rent, decoration costs, disposable goods funds, personnel wages, daily expenses of the store, etc. Therefore, it is not enough to only look at the discounts and converts of franchise brands. The company's strength is closely related to the long -term profit margin. The franchisees with good conditions are inevitable, but the successful protection is also higher. It's right.

  2. There are too many Hangzhou brands, there are not 10,000 and 8,000, but there are not many brands that can make money. There are many good brands but not every more suitable for you. Personal suggestions are to find a trend brand such as SG Patina Gebang. It is not a good brand to make money, but you can make money if you do the right trend.

  3. You can make an alt brand, and there is no brand store in Hangzhou. Attracting attention, this brand is a potential fashion casual men's clothing store. I hope you can find the right person management and care, you can see it.

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