1 thought on “The purpose of cosmetics purchasing group”

  1. Exchange, expand customer
    The creation group can better exchange information, expand their purchasing circle, and increase their reputation and reputation. Of course, the final purpose is to make money.
    purchasing, interpretation is agent purchasing. Popular meaning is to find someone to help buy the products you need. The reason can be that you can't buy this product locally. The price of the local product is more expensive than other regions. It can also be used to save personal time costs. Help buy the delivery. Help people buy goods from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and even the United States, Japan, France, and South Korea, and then ship them through courier or bring them directly, or bring goods from domestic to foreign people, which is a common form of purchasing. There is also a purchase. Due to the lack of information about the relevant information of the consumer to buy the goods, he cannot determine its actual value and does not want to be slaughtered by the merchant. He has to entrust an intermediary agency to help him, or simply let the intermediary agency buy it on behalf of him.

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