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  1. As the consumption level of residents rises, the consumption demand for beauty products is becoming more and more vigorous.
    low employment thresholds
    The lower employment thresholds although many people have discriminated against this line, they feel that engaging in this profession will be large and small, and the development prospects are not great. But in fact, the benefits of lower employment thresholds to this profession are more bad. Because of the low threshold of beauty artists, it can provide more women with good employment opportunities.
    The people's demand is large
    In recent years, people's beauty and health consciousness has continued to increase, individual health service consumption and Japanese drama have increased, and the demand for beauticians has continued to increase. Although there are many beauty artists practitioners, from the perspective of the market environment, the number of cosmetic health service agencies that are constantly rising have increased their demand for cosmetologists, especially beauticians.
    This career is still in a non -saturated state, and personnel demand is still rising. Therefore, unlike the current situation of employment competition in many industries, it is easy to find a job as a cosmeticist.
    This salary is good
    The wages of beauticians often consist of two major parts, one is the base salary, and the other is a commission. In terms of the base, the economic level of different cities is different, and the salary standards are naturally different, but in general, it must be higher than the local basic company standards.
    The basic salary of junior cosmetologists in China is about 4,000 yuan. Of course, the commission is the big head of the beautician's salary. Beauty salons generally adopt a multi -hard work form to formulate performance standards for beauticians and meet the basic requirements, and you can get the corresponding bonus.
    In addition, it will make commissions based on the number of customers, projects, and total performance of your service. The more you do, the higher the salary. The annual income of a beautician is higher than the local white -collar workers, and it is normal for more than 10,000 a month.
    The employment
    The superiority of beauticians can also be reflected in its broad employment channels. Many people think that as a beautician, you can only go to work in a beauty salon or health gallery. But in fact, many enterprises and many institutions now need beauty artists.
    Is when you are a beautician, you can not only work in a beauty salon, but also choose to be a professional adviser to beauty institutions, serve as a cosmetic company at a beauty franchise company, serve as a trainer in the beauty training institution, or engage in the sales of beauty products wait. It can be said that employment channels are very wide.
    Skills determine value
    The beauty artist is an industry with technical capabilities determining value. A good attitude and effective service are the most basic motivation and source of this business. As practitioners, if you can provide customers with professional and original services, you can create extraordinary value.

  2. From the perspective of employment rates, beautyists are too good for employment. Many beauty salons are recruiting people. There is no problem looking for jobs;
    In in the perspective of welfare benefits, beautyists have just learned insufficient experience, and salary is not high. Generally, the basic salary of 2-3 thousand, the previous sales capacity is a bit worse, the customer's trust is not high, and the natural achievements are raised less. When you accumulate the customer quantity, the performance is up In terms of working status, beauticians are often relatively hard, and the business hours of beauty salons are generally 9-12 hours, but there are also two large comprehensive stores to implement two classes, 8-9 hours of working hours, but most of them still face the face. The situation of overtime;
    From the perspective of development, the beauty industry has always been the rising industry, because people have a high level of living, the ability to pursue beauty, and the need for beauty. This is why the beauty industry has been in recent years. In a state of lack of people.

  3. Beauty is a must -do in the future, but this level is only to go to the high -end, and the current social information is developed, and the method of beauty and skin care has been generally recognized. Star artists who have a body proportion and skin moisture, and strong women who need to rest properly, in short, need to do a good job of positioning among people who just need, 360 lines, excellent travel, no occupation is not needed
    employment prospects Still a very good young person can be added, and the elderly to get the era of promotion.

  4. Women who usually buy vegetables for one or two dollars can be used for one or two dollars. In the aspect of might be youthful, it is not soft. Especially in recent years, the concepts of makeup care, weight loss and beauty, etc., are constantly through the public media's publicity offensive. Getting up the nature of each woman's beauty of beauty, and thus driving the rise of the women's beauty industry.
    If according to the statistics of the industry association, the current Chinese beauty industry market has attracted about 300 billion yuan per year. The average beauty economy is increasing at a rate of 15%per year, and the growth rate is far more than the growth rate of GDP.
    The high profits, huge markets, new products that are difficult to count each year, high -tech care instruments, high -tech weight loss equipment, etc., have brought huge business opportunities to the beauty industry. The "Annual Report of the Chinese Beauty Economy" states that China's "beauty economy" is becoming the "fifth largest consumption hotspot" after real estate, automobiles, electronic communications, and tourism.
    The main cosmetic care
    Today, various new makeup care concepts are changing the lives of Chinese women every day, rejuvenation, nails, body, spa, etc. Try boldly.
    In the industry insiders, there were two or three beauty artists and two or three beauty beds in the past. At least tens of thousands of yuan of investment can be used as a beauty salon mainly for makeup care; In the development of the industry, investing in a competitive business-oriented beauty salon, which has a competitive cosmetic care, costs an average of 600,000 to 900,000 yuan, and its entry threshold has been greatly improved. However, due to its high profit returns, if the business is on track, investment is generally recovered within one year.
    Musting beauty and beauty
    Depending on the survey, more than 70%of women are dissatisfied with their figure. Therefore, there is a lot of business opportunities for slimming beauty industry. With the development of society, the slimming beauty industry is no longer limited to simple faces and physical beautification. In order to be invincible in the market competition, it is a development trend to assist women in the beauty industry in all aspects of physical and mental improvement. Therefore, starting a business In addition to the full application of high -tech instruments and natural nutritional products in the store, it should also combine SPA and beauty lectures, which will be the focus of the future operation of the slimming and beauty industry.
    In general, the investment cost of a more standardized slimming beauty salon is about 300,000 to 500,000 yuan, and its gross profit is high. It can be recovered within one and a half years after normal operation.
    The beauty industry is becoming the fifth largest consumption hotspot after real estate, automobiles, electronic communications, and tourism, and huge business opportunities highlight it. In the next few years, the "new beauty economy" with scientific and technological innovation, brand innovation, quality innovation, and service innovation will inevitably become the biggest highlights of China's tertiary industry.

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