5 thoughts on “Is the Taobao coupon group real?”

  1. As an old fritter who has been mixed on the Internet for five or six years, I can tell you very clearly that there is no such thing as a coupon, only whether it is invalid,

    The coupon coupons are divided into shop coupons and commodity coupons. Store coupons mean that the whole store is common. As long as it is a product in the store, it can be used by the products. There are also disclosure and non -disclosure of coupons, and sellers issue the difference between the seller and the buyer received.

    The normal merchants will set up some coupons to make some coupons for buyers. In most cases At a bite, then set up a large amount of commodity coupons to attract consumers to place orders with the middle difference,
    , but wool is on the sheep. Now when large -scale activities, there will be some category coupons on the venue. Very cost -effective, everyone can pay attention to when promoting. The picture below is the T -shirt I bought at Senma at 618, which uses a large coupon.

    13 Senma, you can buy a relatively high -grade dress with only 20 pieces, of course, it is not these, rare, rare, rare, On the shopping holiday, you must not hesitate to be able to make a shot. The cost -effectiveness of things is updated for your reference!
    The heard that those who like it have already become rich, what are you waiting for

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  3. It should be true. I did n’t add groups. I paid attention to the two Weibo accounts and issued some coupons. It would also let the additional groups say that there are more types in the group, but you still have to take a good look at the baby’s evaluation. To screen yourself, don’t blindly be cheap

  4. The software sent by this coupon
    is deceptive. First, you must pay the software fee
    . He will give you software, but if you open it and find it, you can't use it, and you have to renew the fee. You renewal,
    is still unavailable, step by step to pay you

  5. Please give a clear answer first: the coupons issued are all true. You can choose to use your own coupon platform to check information.
    The explanation:
    If in order to expand the publicity of the product, the merchant will find some apps for receiving coupons to cooperate to issue some privileges, such as hidden coupons, and the denominations are relatively large. The coupon itself is a promotional activity, nor is it available every day, and the number of collection is limited. Whether there is a solution: You can search for the download of the download collar.

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