Jiangsu Nanjing scammers enter the class group for 16 parents' service fees. What other scams need to be vigilant?

4 thoughts on “Jiangsu Nanjing scammers enter the class group for 16 parents' service fees. What other scams need to be vigilant?”

  1. 01. Some criminals of the "Share Screen" scam will pretend to be financial customer service, and even staff members who pretend to be a public prosecution unit to deceive the trust of the victims, and then guide the victims to download a so -called conference software for reasons such as eliminating bad credit reporting records. At the same time, the victim is required to start the shared screen function. Once we turn on the screen sharing function, then our bank card account, the password of the bank card, and even the privacy information such as the verification code will be stolen by the other party. So we need to be vigilant for this kind of fraud.
    02, the criminals of the "Killing Pig Drive" scam will go to some wedding websites to find registration information, and then scam them targeted. Some criminals will disguise themselves as soldiers. Successful people, and then cultivate feelings on the Internet with the victims. When the time is ripe, these criminals will bring the victims to do so -called investment and financial management. In the end The scam is called "killing pig plate".
    03, the scam of ordering rebate is actually more common. Criminals will pretend to be an e -commerce company, and then make the victims in order as an e -commerce company. At first, in order to deceive the trust of the other party, it will return the funds to the other party with the interest of the band within the agreed time. However, the more the amount you need to invest later will be. The molecules will not continue to return, which is actually a more typical order rebate scam.
    04, recruitment fraud criminals will post some recruitment information on some websites, and the treatment they give is very good, so that they will attract many people to consult. At this time, they will ask for all kinds Registration fee or commission. After the victim pays these fees, these criminals will suddenly "evaporate", so here is also to remind everyone that the regular company cannot pay us to pay the fee before joining the job.

  2. First, telephone fraud. We are usually scammed by some scammers, and they lie that they are more authoritative people to intimidate us. Second, SMS fraud. SMS fraud is a relatively common fraud method. The scammers mainly send the fraud link to us in the form of SMS.

  3. The scammers directly use the loopholes that do not need to be reviewed by the group. After mixing the group, it is directly renamed a teacher. As a network work group, none of them can find it from the group owner to other members.

  4. The online store has no chance of returning goods, pretending to be acquaintances, acquiring trust in a special identity, collecting intermediary fees in the name of introducing occupations, and encountering some kind of disaster borrowing money. Once you find problems, you need to report to the police in time.

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