What are the main aspects of stainless steel pipes and use?

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  1. 25 % can be reliably applied in oil, chemical, fertilizer, boiler and aerospace, nuclear power and other industries. For large -scale equipment manufacturing, about 60 % of ordinary pressure vessel manufacturing can be applied to food, brewing, medicine, papermaking, printing and dyeing, urban environmental protection and other industries. There are also about 20 % of unqualified products or available products. Electronics, instrumentation, metallurgy and other industries are about 5,000 tons of stainless steel pipes each year. Beverage, alcohol, food, textile, printing and dyeing and other light industries and medical industries are used for equipment manufacturing and repair.

  2. The stainless steel welded pipes are used as a pipeline for transporting fluids, such as oil, sky gas, water, gas, steam, etc. In addition, when the bending and twist resistance strength is the same, the weight is light, so it is also widely used in manufacturing machinery parts and engineering structures Essence
    This stainless steel welded pipes in the construction industry are more widely used, such as used as stairs armrests, windows, railings, road partitions, etc. At present, many products have used stainless steel pipes, such as bicycles, medical equipment , Car and so on.

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