cotton filled jewelry boxes wholesale Can bonded zone companies open RMB households?

cotton filled jewelry boxes wholesale If not, where are their renminbi storage?

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  1. charles winston jewelry wholesale Yes. At present, China is not allowed to establish a wholly -owned trade enterprise for wholly -owned foreign capital, but in the bonded zone, it can be established and can obtain the right to general taxpayers. It has RMB accounts and available VAT invoices. In fact, it already owns pure trade in China. The right to the event is the domestic trade function of the bonded area.
    The domestic trading companies cannot engage in re -export trade, but companies in the bonded area have foreign currency existing accounts and can engage in trade activities of foreign currency settlement goods. In fact, they have the function of international re -export trade.

    The following is some knowledge about the bonded zone:
    The bonded zone is a new economy area approved by the State Council after the State Council after the State Council Essence As the bonded area operates in accordance with international practice, it has implemented a more flexible and preferential policies than other open areas, and it has become a "bridgehead" in which China is in line with the international market. Therefore, the bonded zone has become the focus of close attention at home and abroad at the beginning of development.
    The bonded zone has functions such as import and export processing, international trade, and bonded storage products. It enjoys the policy of “exemption, tax exemption, bonded” policy. One of the most favorable economic areas.
    In June 1990, with the approval of the central government, the China's first bonded zone -Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone was established in Shanghai. Since 1992, the State Council has successively approved the establishment of 14 bonded zones and an economic development zone with preferential policies with the bonded zone, namely Tianjin Port, Dalian, Zhangjiagang, Shenzhen Shatoujiao, Shenzhen Futian, Fuzhou, Haikou, Xiamen Xiangyu, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao , Ningbo, Shantou, Shenzhen Yantian Port, Zhuhai Free Trade Zone and Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone. At present, all 15 free -bonded areas of the country have passed the acceptance of the General Administration of Customs and are officially put into operation.
    In 1992, after the speech of Comrade Deng Xiaoping's South Tour, the bonded zones accelerated the substantial initiative, and the basic construction progress was rapid. The land in the development area has been approved or transferred, and the second phase of the second phase of the project has been further developed, which has also attracted foreign investment.
    In many years of exploration and practice, the bonded zone in various regions across the country has gradually developed into an important part of the local economy according to the special functions of the bonded area and the actual situation of the local area. Processing.
    With the addition of China to join the WTO, the national bonded zone has gradually formed a regional personality. In the south, there are the Pearl River Delta regions based on Guangzhou and Shenzhen. , Qingdao -based Bohai Bay Area, the bonded areas of the three areas have become an important port for China to communicate with the world, and form a unique logistics operation model.

    The basic operation method of the bonded area

    based on the special management mechanism of customs and foreign exchange, the bonded area forms a special form of basic operations around the four basic functions:

    The first form of bonded logistics such as bonded warehousing

    The policy of "domestic and foreign" in the bonded area, so as to form a fairly loose and preferential bonded policy in the bonded area, that is, the goods enter the bonded zone from overseas and not do not enter the bonded area. It is regarded as importing, and only when imported from the bonded zone and then imported, it is regarded as imported from the domestic to the bonded zone.
    The three -capital processing trade enterprises can use the logistics function of the bonded zone to import raw materials from the bonded area, export semi -finished products or finished products to the bonded area, complete the nuclear sales of processing trade manuals, and turn various transfer procedures into import and export procedures, so as to thus It greatly improves the efficiency of logistics and saves logistics costs. In addition, it can restrict export products for domestic sales without domestic sales ratio.
    If international companies purchased in China can set the distribution center of purchasing export goods in the bonded area, directly carry out cargo distribution of foreign markets, thereby solving the problem of high -cost distribution of sales.
    The imported goods in the Chinese market can be bonded in the bonded area first, and then carried out the customs clearance work according to the actual sales quantity and form. On the one hand, it can reduce the capital backlog cost of the supply chain. On the other hand, it can adapt to the different sales forms of Chinese companies (tax -free sales and tax completion sales).

    This 2 types of export processing and other processing operations

    processing trading enterprises in the bonded area do not implement bank margin accounts and foreign exchange nuclear sales systems, which is very conducive to enterprise development Export processing.
    The imported equipment used by processing trading companies in the bonded zone implements all tax exemption, and is not limited by the project content and total investment.

    The three types of international trade and other trade operations

    This China is currently not allowed to establish simple trading enterprises in the country, but in the bonded area, it can be established and can obtain general taxpayers The right to have RMB accounts and open value -added tax invoices. In fact, it already has the right to engage in pure trade activities in China. This is the domestic trade function of the bonded area.
    The domestic trading companies cannot engage in re -export trade, but companies in the bonded area have foreign currency existing accounts and can engage in trade activities of foreign currency settlement goods. In fact, they have the function of international re -export trade.
    The trade enterprises in the bonded zone have the right to have the right of domestic trade and re -export trade, which constitutes a diverse form of trade function in the bonded zone.

    The 4 types of commodity bonded display and other display operation forms

    . Since the bonded area is implemented in the international free trade zone, the bonded display of international goods has become an important bonded area Functional operation form.
    The goods transported from abroad to China can be displayed in the bonded area. The corresponding exhibition venues can be set up to install and simulate various international products. Exhibition costs, simplifying the customs clearance procedures for exhibition products, on the other hand, the time to shorten the inspection has reduced the procurement costs of domestic enterprises accordingly.
    The products that are currently displayed in the nation's bonded zone are all sets of equipment for bonded vehicles and large -scale construction machinery. Due to the high domestic display costs in these products, the advantages of the bonded area display are very prominent.

  2. diamond findings jewelry wholesale Yes, the bonded area is more free and open. There are more advantages than outside the district.
    Start high -bridge bonded zone in Shanghai is a special management economic area with isolation facilities. The goods can be freely in and exit between the bonded area and overseas. The important carrier of the Shanghai International Shipping and Trade Center is exempted from tariffs and import links. Exempting permit documents, exempt from conventional customs supervision procedures (except for the state prohibiting import and export and special specified goods). Therefore, the Gaqiao Free Trade Zone is particularly suitable for companies with import and export business to register here. Many people want to register a company in the Shanghai Lingang Free Trade Zone. The office location is not in the free trade zone, or the office address is not available in the early days of entrepreneurship, but the company's registration requires a address. Therefore, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone will have a virtual address. , Regular operation, the annual industrial and commercial report must be declared in a timely manner. It is indispensable for the registered virtual address of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. In simple terms, the so -called virtual address does not exist, but that the address itself exists, but this address can only be used for registration, but it is not reality to be actual. Office. If you have a field commercial office in the free trade zone, you can register on the spot. Enterprise Hao's handling fee of 1,000 yuan talks about the virtual address of the free trade zone company.

    The advantage of the company's registration in the free trade zone:
    1. Investment industry restrictions and relaxation (1) The negative list is introduced to allow industries other than investment lists; Entering, all laws and regulations are not prohibited, they are listed as open. Many industries restricted in non -free trade zone can invest and register here, which is good for many industries and related industries.
    2. Reform and innovation in the financial field: (1) Marketization of financial market interest rates, marketization of exchange rates, and financial market product innovation; Capital and foreign capital are fully open; (4) allow some Chinese banks to engage in offshore business.
    3. Tax discounts: (1) In the encouragement category, the income tax is reduced by 15%; (2) the export tax refund policy is improved.
    4. In the field of trade: (1) The implementation of zero tariffs, the flow of enterprises with free trade zones and overseas goods adopt transaction zero tariffs; (2) the first line is gradually liberalized, the second -tier is safe and efficient, and the free flow of goods in the area ; The so -called "front line" refers to the national border, and the "second line" refers to the domestic market dividing line, that is, the spatial boundary line of the free trade zone. (3) Simplify the customs clearance system and procedures, innovate supervision models, focus on the supervision of the front -line supervision on the supervision of people, and the port unit can only do the necessary inspection and quarantine. In particular , Category, electronic supervision mode.
    It what is the difference between registered companies in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and outside the district. Enterprises staying in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone are generally import and export enterprises. It is more convenient to operate import and export procedures in the free trade zone, and the unique FT account in the free trade zone is a policy that enterprises in the free trade zone can enjoy. The time for registered the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Company is generally about 5 working days, and the special situation may be extended.
    registered company materials of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone:
    1, the original and photocopy of the shareholders, the legal person and the actual business address, contact information; More), the scope of business;
    3, the proportion of registered capital and investors' capital contribution;
    4, the lease agreement of the registered place and a copy of the real estate certificate (Enterprise Hao can provide the registered address of the bonded area);
    5, finance Copy of personnel documents;
    6, other registered materials.
    The registered Shanghai Free Trade Zone Company is generally about 7 working days, and the special situation may be extended.

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