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  1. I am a middle -aged man, and my career can be considered small, but my emotional life has always been confused about me, making me miserable.
    I have a first -love girlfriend when I go to school. We have been in love for three years, because I have invested all my feelings because of my first love. Due to various reasons for graduation, we have not been able to come together. After two years of graduation, I went to my alma mater. She knew that I had rushed to see me deliberately. At that time, I already had a girlfriend, but her appearance made me return to her again, but later we couldn't be together together Her family introduced her boyfriend, she got married.
    The period of time I hate her! I am determined to forget that she will never see her again. Over time, I am also married. My lover is introduced by people and is very beautiful, but the cultural level is not high (graduated from junior high school). After marriage, we soon have daughters. Frequent quarrels are constantly, but they are all family trivial matters. The days of the days may have been quarreled or over the running -in period. In the later years, we rarely quarrel and slowly go to the right track. Other families are as bland.
    It, during a business trip, I came to the city where my first girlfriend was, and met her. She also changed from a girl to a young woman. At the moment of her hatred, the hatred in my heart melted and melted, and I found that she has never gone far in my heart! My favorite is her! We talked a lot to return to the past. From then on, we have been in the past. Started a long out -of -marriage relationship. Both people devoted them to the time when they first love. We can only be connected through mobile phones or networks, but even so that our feelings are quickly heating up. Degree.
    It also found various reasons to see several times during the period. Every time we have difficulty giving up, the liver and intestine are broken when separated. This day was discovered by my wife for more than two years. I was noisy to divorce me. Considering that my child was still young, I did not promise to divorce, but promised that my wife would no longer contact my first girlfriend.
    But in these two women, my emotional balance always tilted towards the first love girlfriend. After nearly 10 years like this, during this period, my wife also found that I have always been in contact with my first love girlfriend. I have noisy many times. The most serious one time and my wife and I have completed the divorce procedures, but it was the child who had just entered the time at that time. In high school, we remarried in order not to affect children.
    The in the past 10 years, I have also become the leadership of a unit from an ordinary technician. It can be said that it is smooth sailing but it is always emotionally unclear. After all, she followed me for so many years and I had nothing at that time, and gave me a daughter.
    Now my wife guards me like a thief, I am afraid that I will contact my first love girlfriend, and my first love girlfriend has been separated with her lover for more than two years! I am every day During the torment, I do n’t know where I should go. Both women have inextricable connections with me, which makes it difficult for me to give up! It ’s really painful! Zhang Jian Zhang Jian:
    Then: Now my wife is like a thief to prevent me like a thief, it is clearly a thief.
    The wife is a good wife, a lover is a good lover. This is a thief eating meat. He is inextricably linked with the two. It is difficult to give up.
    This is cool, and it is beaten. Of course, the thief just wants to eat meat and does not want to be beaten. There are two ways to realize this desire. One is that you will never be caught. You have no plays. There is only another way, and you will not be a thief since then. In other words, you have to choose one among the two women, and the pain comes from no choice. Then, the way to solve the pain is to choose.
    The two women are as good as. It seems that you are weak with will, pulling down in ten years. I have a simple and practical way to make you make a decision quickly. By the way, do you have money tanks in your family? If so, pick it up and break it.
    If not, then find a coin, a front wife, the opposite lover, and then throw it up to let God decide for you.
    The answer is his wife, so he broke with his lover. The answer was a lover, so he broke up with his wife. This can solve the pain of three people.
    As a person who dares not to make a decision, you may say after hearing a suggestion: But
    Different, but life is short, throw coins.
    Is that this coin should not throw it for ten years.

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