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  1. Wuhu Fangte Happy World is from Sunshine Plaza, Fangte Happy Avenue, Fisherman's Wharf, Space World, Mysterious River Valley, Vesuway Volcano, Lost Empire, Elf Valley, Western Legend, Dinosaurum Peninsula, Hailu Bay, Tuobi Farm, Children, Children, Children, Children The 15 theme project areas such as the kingdom, the world, and the fire star. Among them, Sunshine Plaza, Fangte Happy Avenue, and Fisherman's Wharf are full open areas, and tourists can visit freely.
    The theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects in the happy world, including many first -class large projects in the province, and most of the projects should be aged and old. There are world -class high -altitude flying simulation experience projects "Flying Extreme", large -scale dynamic space flight experience project "Star Flight", Anhui's first large multi -water curtain three -dimensional interaction adventure project "Solomon Seal", China ’s first large volcanic pendant adventure project" The Victoria volcano "and the largest Mayan -themed large -scale adventure project" Mysterious River Valley "in China, the largest dinosaur disaster experience project" Dinosaur Crisis "in Anhui.
    The return to dinosaur century, experience of space journey, exploring film and television stunts, and feeling science fiction magic! This is an unprecedented joyful feast, this is a magical fantasy park, which is a science and technology fantasy adventure kingdom. Wonderful, exciting, adventure, screaming, dreaming, magical, joyful, comfortable, Fangte happy world, joy has no limit.
    Thisy park with technology and fantasy -themed n The perfect combination of high -tech theme parks such as modern computers, automatic control, digital simulation and simulation, digital film and television, sound and photovoltaic means and other high -tech means.
    The theme park created by high -tech technology for tourists will be given to tourists. History and future, the overlap of reality and illusions is a dream park.
    We we have complete independent intellectual property
    This is a theme park from design to manufacturing, from software to hardware, from management to operations that is completely in the hands of Chinese people.
    2 entertainment project
    2.1 Overview
    Wuhu Fangte Happy World is a passionate and surprising park created by the perfect combination of a variety of modern high -tech means and art. The park is from Sunshine Plaza, Fisherman's Wharf, Fangte Happy Avenue, Space World, Mysterious River Valley, Vesuway Volcano, Elf Valley, Lost Empire, Western Legend, Dinosaur Peninsula, Hailu Bay, Du Durai Farm, Children's Kingdom, Water World, World Water World It is composed of 15 theme project areas including fire meteors. Among them, Sunshine Plaza, Fangte's Happy Avenue, and Fisherman's Wharf are fully open areas, and tourists can enter and exit freely. There are more than 300 theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects in the happy world of Wuhu Fangte. The content of the park covers modern science and technology, future technology, scientific fantasy, mythology, historical culture, comprehensive performance, children's amusement and other aspects. Novel forms, rich content, and adapt to the needs of tourists at different ages.
    2.2 Sunshine Plaza
    The area of ​​Sunshine Plaza covers an area of ​​2,000 square meters, which is a closed area. The square is open and natural, and the color is bright, so that you can feel the joyful atmosphere in advance. There are also floats who have passed well.
    2.3 Fisherman's Wharf
    The here is a large Spanish landscape area. The architectural style is full of Andalusia flavor, and it can also make tourists feel the various cultures of Spain. Combination;
    Here you can not only be free to walk on the beach, feel the beautiful natural landscape with Spain, but also reach CAPE ROCA. The beginning of the ocean. "
    2.4 Fangte Happy Avenue
    Fangte Happy Avenue covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters, which is an open tourism commercial area. The entire street is composed of a dazzling appearance building. It has gathered a number of theme -like shops with a variety of restaurants, coffee houses, cold drink shops, and cute gift shops. There is a giant screen above the commercial street, which will play related programs regularly at night.
    2.5 Space World
    The footprint of human exploration of humans and experienced a magnificent space journey! A scenic spot with modern and future aerospace. Here you can be in the vast universe, touch the distant and mysterious planet, can also soar the sky, experience the wonderful feeling of flying in the sky.
    2.6 interstellar flight
    interstellar flight: a wonderful interstellar war, an unforgettable space journey
    Thestable computer control technology, dynamic platform and large -scale with high simulation action The plot of the ball movie is closely coordinated, allowing you to experience a high -speed flight in the distant space world, and experience a thrilling planet war in Wuhu Fangte Happy World.
    The project is mainly composed of preparation halls, performance halls, and general control rooms. In front of the tourists, a ball -shaped screen with a diameter of 20 meters and a inclination angle of 55 ° and a 160 ° large movie. During the experience, the spacecraft where tourists sit can be tilted, lifted, and vibrated according to the plot, and then use the lens and environmental sound and light special effects to simulate the real space flight. The project can be used for 100 viewers at a time.
    In on the gorgeous spacecraft, avoid the chaotic stone that comes on the face, cross the mysterious space -time tunnel, and go through a intense and exciting planet war!
    A space mountain: Following the footprint of human exploration of human beings, revealing the mysterious veil of the vast universe
    This is an indoor exhibition hall about aerospace knowledge. A variety of high -tech methods such as digital film and television are one of them, creating a large -scale master Wuhu Fangte Stewra Space Science and Technology Exhibition Hall integrating education, entertainment, and knowledge. Including eight major planets, universe exploration, launching command center, time and space tunnel, people in space, star corridor and nine -screen synchronization seven exhibition areas.
    Here, tourists can not only understand the rich space knowledge from various theme exhibition halls, watch advanced aerospace technology models, but also walk on the starry sky corridor in the vast space, cross the mysterious space -time tunnel, and crack the mystery of space. Experience the magnificence of the universe. The launch command center will let you witness the thrilling scene when the Shenzhou spacecraft is launched.
    2.7 Flying Extreme
    Flying Extreme: A chance to travel around the world, one time to realize the free flying experience
    From the dream of flying in the distant ancient times to the exploration of the life and death of modern aerospace pioneers, from the kite kite The balloon pinned the hope of human flying, and brought people into the blue sky to the airship and plane. The "flying limit" will fulfill your dream of soaring. Wuhu Fangte Happy World
    Fess Extreme Project is a large suspension ball theater. Play screens, suspension seat systems and various special effects, so that visitors are watching the balloki video During the process, I realized the true feelings of flying unprecedentedly. The project can hold up to 99 tourists at the same time at the same time.
    Pelasia after the show, the huge hemispherical screen surrounds the audience, the majestic suspension seats flutter in the air. With the magnificent movie screen, let you fly at the same time, or fall into the abyss canyon, or cross the turbulent surging The huge waves, or hovering on the spire of the pyramid, or howling at the peak of Mount Everest, or overlooking the cable through the Brooklyn Bridge.
    2.8 Mysterious River Valley
    This showing mysterious Mayan culture and experienced stimulating thrilling journey.
    It in a thick rain forest, there are abandoned ancient Mayan buildings everywhere. The ancient buildings were wrapped in the jungle, the stones of the happy world of Wuhu Fangte, and the stone pillars collapsed. Here tourists can cross the huge and mysterious pyramid by boat, enter a crisis archeological scene, and experience the most distinctive project -lost the world.
    The construction area of ​​this project is about 10,450 square meters, the total rail length is about 859 meters, and a total of 6 ships. Each ship can accommodate about 20 tourists at the same time, and the tour is about 13 minutes. The project is based on the legend of the ancient Mayan civilization, combined with DarkRide, rafting and high -altitude pendants. Tourists drift by boat, experience various dangers, feel various stimuli, and experience the excitement of 26 meters high -altitude slip.
    2.9 Dinosaur Peninsula
    The magnificent New York Metropolitan Museum, the bustling Manhattan Avenue, the statue of Liberty ... The fully presentation of a modern metropolis allows you to feel the essence of Western culture. Want you to escape in the dinosaur world.
    2.10 Dinosaur crisis
    Dinosaur crisis: Anhui's most exciting disaster experience project, not to be missed!
    The large 4D Ride project today. The project makes full use of the technologies such as live scenes, three -dimensional movies, live stunts, and dynamic platforms. It integrates a number of high -tech amusement technologies such as giant screens, 4D movies, multi -freedom dynamic tour buses, and live stunts. The three -dimensional image produced and the real scenes formed by special decoration and on -site stunt devices are combined with the world of joy in Wuhu Fangte. It is a project that is both thrilling and welcomed by tourists.
    The total construction of the dinosaur crisis project is about 74 meters, the total width is about 60.5 meters, the highest place is about 21 meters, and the total construction area is about 4,500 square meters. composition. There are 10 dynamic cars, 12 films, and 21 special techniques.
    "Dinosaur Crisis" tells such a science fiction story. In an era of highly developed earth, the dinosaur eggs preserved in a city museum on the planet have become a fossil dinosaur resurrection after radiation material irradiation, and it has escaped the museum. The dinosaurs after radiation material grew and reproduced at an amazing speed, and appeared in all corners of the city.
    The tourists traveling in a dinosaur traversal, a chaotic city, experiencing a catastrophe of dinosaurs destroying, destruction of the city, and experiencing thrilling life and death journey.
    2.11 Western Legend
    Oxging the Western style of the United States and feeling the innocent and simple heart of the Indians. A song of people and nature, a soul washing. Main projects: Western Memories, Fantasy Studio.
    Western memories: Entering the Indian tribe open the magic door
    Western memories are a large project with Indian style as the theme and full of magic colors. Using various advanced stages of the Fangtte Fangxiangxiangxing technology of the Fangtte Lake, showing a variety of fantasy and magical scenes, combined with fire piles, animals flying away, simulation of the starry sky, physical fall, character disappear and other series of stunts , Bring you into the ancient Indian world to tell the story of a golden region of Indiana.
    The tourists first enter the queue area and queue to enter the preview hall. The queuing area can accommodate about 510 people, and the number of preview halls can accommodate about 280; tourists enter the performance hall from the preparation hall to watch the performance, about 9 minutes, the performance hall can be available in the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall. The number of tolerance is about 280. In the queue area, there are queuing railings, televisions and wall decoration panels, and the TV shows the Indian expansion film. There are decorative totem columns, moon projection systems, Indian items props, and inkjet walls in the preview hall, allowing you to feel the magical charm of Indian culture.
    2.12 Fantasy studio
    Fantasy studio: Decrypt the movie magic, feel the charm of movie
    A large -scale on -site participation project with the theme of movie stunts, through the realistic, humorous live performance, and live performance. The audience shows the most popular film and television stunts and shooting methods in the world today.
    The project covers an area of ​​2218 square meters. The project consists of a preview hall and the starring hall. The two departments can accommodate 600 people, and the entire performance is about 30 minutes. The stage of the starring hall is a multi -functional and multi -region -in -laws of Wuhu Fangte Happy World. There are various styles of film and television sets such as Egypt, West, Castle, and Modern City. At the same time, there are also a large number of institutions and equipment for stunt performances. During the entire performance process, actors and audience actors completed the performance and shooting of multiple plots in these sets. Among them, the Jeep car gun war and the return of Superman who used the principle of synthesis of the green screen buckle, the rejuvenation performance of the Niu Devils who performed simulation robotics, and the stage of performance stage performance stage The curse of the Pharaoh who disappears the stunts and so on. The final finale is a short drama that uses a variety of stage stunts and multi -film synthesis technology- "Wild West". This is the story of a sheriff hunting robbers in the western town. In this relaxed and humorous short drama performance, The audience and the actors are magically in and out of multiple screens. The wonderful and realistic performance of the realistic and realistic scenes allows you to experience the magic and excitement of the movie magic.
    2.13 Fantasy Kingdom
    "Fangte Dream Kingdom" theme park is located in Chengdong New District. It is a modern comprehensive theme park built in accordance with the standards of "international first -class and only" standards. The main project of the garden. The project started on December 30, 2008, and was committed to creating boutique projects and bright business cards for the city's cultural industry.
    The relevant person in Fangte said that the two theme parks are distinctive and complementary. Compared with the theme park of "Fangte Happy World" that has been put into operation, the theme park of "Fangte Dream Kingdom" is based on Chinese culture and integrates a large number of ethnic elements, which contains rich cultural concepts and spiritual values. culture. Many large projects such as Pansong, Terracotta Warriors, Waterman Jinshan, Monkey King, and Zodiacs have unique and innovative creativity, international advanced production standards and personalized cartoon images. It is expected to attract more domestic and foreign tourists and let them be in In the process of visiting the tour, appreciate the profoundness of Chinese culture.
    3 Operation time
    S specific time during seasonal time
    It Day holidays Spring Festival (the first day of the year to the seventh day of the year); June 1st to 2nd); 11 (October 1st to 7th) from 9:00 to 19:30
    The dates except for big holidays
    5) 9:30 ~ 17:30
    Saturday and Sunday 9:00 ~ 18: 00
    4 Tourist notice
    Welcome to Fang Temple World for your rights and security Please read the "Tourist Instructions" carefully before buying tickets.
    4.1 Service description:
    1. All tourists entering the park are subject to the following notes and special prompts in the park.
    2, Fangte Happy World is a theme park. All the amusement items and appreciation of all entertainment performances in the park do not have to pay separately (except for special performances held in special periods). However, transportation vehicles, master cars, circular trains, cruise ships and small electric vehicles need to pay separately.
    3. Visitors enter the park for one ticket. Tickets are limited to once in the park within the validity period of the ticket. Tickets have been sold, and they will not return.
    4. The projects in the park will perform or receive in accordance with the schedule or time. Please pay attention to the announcement of the park announcement or consulting the park staff in order to reasonably arrange your game route. Due to the large number of projects in the park, tourists may not be able to play all the projects within a day. Please arrange the time or choose the project you like. The park does not promise that tourists can play in the park. For projects that tourists fail to play, the park will not refund the tickets, nor will they bear any other compensation or compensation liability.
    5. In accordance with relevant national security regulations, in order to ensure safety, any abnormalities or failures occur during the operation of the equipment. Sudden fault repair time may be longer, or for safety considerations that may be temporarily suspended or maintained. If some items are suspended or stopped receiving tourists due to failure or maintenance, they will delay or fail to experience or play projects. Give a refund, and do not bear any other compensation or compensation liability.
    Special prompts
    1. For your safety, we specifically remind you that some projects in the garden are not suitable for hypertension, heart disease, pregnant women, obvious drunk drunks, please pay special attention to the instructions and prompts of various projects in various items Essence During the reason for safety, some projects have limited requirements for participating tourists:
    The project height requirements
    children must be accompanied by adults
    The fire meteor 18 years or more Above
    Suspension bald 1.4m above
    Flying over 1.1m or more
    Hurricane fly chair 1.4m or more
    Mysterious river valley 1.4m or more
    n Solomon seal without
    ufo 1.4m or more
    has no
    children of Happy Palace must be accompanied by adults
    Visowe volcanic volcano 1.4m or more Accompanied by adults
    The adventure small train between 1.1m and 1.4m
    Rotating small bees 1.1m or more
    The water world no n between frog jump 1.1m to 1.4m r r
    This Dudi Farm No
    In the air flying 1.5m above
    does not
    children climbing car climbing 1.1m to 1.4m
    The dinosaur crisis above 1.1m
    The description: If there is a change in the announcement of the park project, please refer to the specific project tourists' notice or consulting service personnel.
    2. Due to a large number of thrilling and exciting projects involving high -altitude, high -speed, dynamic, and dynamic projects in the garden. For safety reasons, children under 1.4 meters or elderly people over 70 years old and disabled people need to have full -cost adults to accompany adults with full -price votes accompanied by full -cost votes accompanied by full -price ticket You can enter the garden, and require adults to take care of or accompanied by adults when you experience such projects.
    3. If the tourists encounter equipment failure during the project, please do not panic, you should leave the scene in an orderly manner according to the guidance of the staff.
    4, see the ticket purchase window for ticket purchase notice, a full -price ticket is limited to a person who meets the request for ticket exemption.
    5. According to relevant safety regulations, the amusement projects in the park will regularly conduct daily inspections, weekly inspections, monthly inspections and annual maintenance. Related maintenance may cause delay or suspension of some amusement projects to open to tourists. For details, please refer to the park announcement or in -park notice. rn6 、根据安全和技术监督部门的规定,在不能满足设备安全运行的恶劣天气及其它自然灾害等情况下(如雷电、风沙、雨雪、冰雹、大雾等),园内设备、 The performance will be closed or partially closed, and the park does not need to inform in advance. The park does not bear the refund or any other compensation or compensation.
    7. For safety reasons, you must not wear roller shoes, skateboards, and bicycles.
    8, all performances and amusement items in the park need to be lined up. When there are many tourists, there will be a long queue time. Please understand the tourists, obey the command of the staff on the scene, consciously queue up, and respect each other. In the event of a sudden failure, please consciously choose other amusement equipment or performance items.
    9. When you are waiting in line to participate in the project or watch the performance, please do not cut in line or make other dangerous behaviors. Each tourist needs to line up and not be able to line up for others. In addition, in order to cooperate with the running time and closing time of the project, according to the situation of the waiting time, sometimes the project queues or enter the market in advance, please forgive me.
    10. Visitors participate in the amusement project, and they must obey the command of the staff at the scene and use it according to the equipment requirements. Accept the insurance device inspection. Those who violate the requirements will be rejected.
    11, please keep your property properly, do not place your items outside your sight or stay on a stroller and locker.
    12, please do not bring food and drinks into this garden.
    13. Do not bring your pet into the garden.
    14. The following behavior is prohibited from the park: entered the park with dangerous items, trafficking or displayed items, distributed leaflets, rally and speeches, fighting and fighting, and all behaviors that hinder the operation of parks and related facilities.
    15. For safety needs, there are video surveillance video devices in the park. We may shoot, photography, videos, recording or copying any videos and / or sounds entering the park within the park. We have the right to use such images and / or sounds for any use without paying any fees to tourists.
    16. The park and related companies are not responsible for the accidents caused by tourists' violation of the park's relevant safety regulations or accidents caused by the negligence of tourists themselves.
    17, tourists purchase tickets to recognize the content of this "Tourist Instructions" and "Ticket Buying Notes". If you have any questions, please consult our staff. If you have a complaint, please call the complaint: 0553-5889961.
    18. The interpretation of the above clauses belongs to Wuhu Fangte Happy World and Wuhu Fangte Happy World Management Management Co., Ltd.
    4.2 Ticket policy
    (People who enjoy the preferential treatment must show valid documents when purchasing tickets and entering the park)
    The full -price ticket 200 yuan/ person (height ≥ 1.4 meters, or or or Age u003C70);
    150 yuan/ person (1.1 meters ≤ children with a height u003C1.4 meters and need to be accompanied by adult tickets); Accompanied by adult tickets, and an adult ticket is limited to a ticket -free child);
    Start tickets for Wuhu Fangte Happy World: 150 yuan (online reservation);
    Eremoder I have a valid ID, and I need to be accompanied by adult tickets. A adult ticket is limited to a ticket -free elderly);
    Note: An adult ticket is limited to a ticket -free child or a ticket -free old man.
    4.3 traffic route
    bus lines
    1, multiply 5, 13, 23, 30, 32, 47, 103 (night shift) and other multi -line buses Under the Hubei Road Station, you can reach the theme park of the Happy World of Wuhu Fangtte;
    2, Ride 8, 19, 25, 26, 34 and other buses to transfer to 5, 13, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, and 23 The 30th and 32th roads can also be arrived at
    Duhu Lake Fangte Happy World Theme Park;
    3, take bus 32 from the railway station and bus station, can directly reach the theme park of Wuhu Fangte Happy World.
    On self -driving line
    1, Ma'anshan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Su Xichang and other cities, via Shanghai -Nanjing/Ningmawu Expressway to Wuhu East Toll Station to drive along the indicator plate;
    2, Hefei, Hefei, Hefei, Hefei, Starting from the cities in northern Anhui in Chaohu, you can transfer to the high speed of the toll station at Wuhu East Toll Station to arrive along the signs; [1]
    3, Xuancheng, Hangzhou and other cities. High -speed driving along the signs;
    4, Jiangxi, Tongling, Huangshan and other cities, from Tongling to Wuhu Exit to Wuhu exports to the high speed along the indicator plate.
    Wuhu Fang Special Dream Kingdom
    Wuhu Fang Special Dream Kingdom is located in Chengdong New District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, covering an area of ​​700,000 square meters, with a total investment of over 1.8 billion yuan. Shenzhen Huaqiang Culture and Technology Group built another modern comprehensive theme park in Wu. Fangte's dream kingdom and Fangte happy world will reflect the bright twins constellations on the Yangtze River Delta cultural tourism territory, express their charm, dazzling and charming, and take you into the Oriental Fantasy Park and experience the magic of science fiction in the world.
    1 Basic Introduction
    [1] Wuhu Huaqiang Cultural Technology Industrial Park · Fangte Dream Kingdom, located in Chengdong New District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, accounting for 700,000 square meters of maps in the park, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan It is another modern comprehensive theme park built by Shenzhen Huaqiang Culture and Technology Group in Wu after Fangte Happy World. Fangte's dream kingdom and Fangte happy world will reflect the bright twins constellations on the Yangtze River Delta cultural tourism territory, express their charm, dazzling and charming, and take you into the Oriental Fantasy Park and experience the magic of science fiction in the world.
    Thefang Fang Fang Fang Fang Special Dream Kingdom adopts high -tech interpretation of characteristic themes to exquisite international fashion entertainment elements such as animation cards, film stunts and traditional Chinese cultural symbols, and create a magical world full of fantasy and creativity. The park consists of more than 10 project areas including Magic Castle, Water Manjin Mountain, Light of Life, Monkey King, the Light of Ancient Civilization, Qinling Calendar, Future Police, Panshid Cave, Cartoon Castle, Happy World, Fangte Park Theme items, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects. Among them, there are super -large indoor travel adventure projects -Qinling's adventure, tracking three -dimensional magic performance project -Magic Castle, Guowu Lake Fang Dream Kingdom (4 photos) the first dynamic shooting game project -Dudi adventure; The high -tech water disaster experience project -the water and Jinshan, which miraculously reproduce the magnificent scene of the flood; the large original stage drama- "Monkey King" created a novel and strange entertainment vision; modern large -scale large -scale large -scale The theme Environment Theater -Panshid Cave is also really fantasy, telling the story of the westward tour that is both familiar but different; The background of the story allows you to experience the scene of high -tech war scenes that are thrilling and exciting in the future of the world; big hammer, wave roll, pirate ship, turning cup, empty shuttle, speeding vehicles ... wonderful, take you to swim in the clouds, take you swimming in the sky, and take you around the sky. , Experience extreme joy. [1]
    The adventure full of magical fantasies! This is a pinnacle of challenge self! This is a longing for a better future! History and future meet, reality and dream overlap, welcome to Fang Special Dream Kingdom!
    2 Project Introduction
    2.1 Cartoon Castle
    It here you can see the Fangte TV studio, experience the atmosphere and process of TV shooting, and you can also be in Wuhu Fang Dream Kingdom [2] Cartoon Studio Wuhu Fang's Dream Kingdom is close to the animators to understand the mystery of modern cartoons, and can also enter the cartoon studio, and animators to unveil the mystery of the cartoon from you.
    2.2 Future Police
    High -tech disaster experience project -Future Police, with the film background of the same name, uses a super -screen Cartoon Castle movie, live performance, giant mechanical model and large tour bus Waiting for performance technologies to set out a grand shock, true and fantasy fierce battle scene, let you experience a war between high intelligent robots and humans in the future world in the future.

    2.3 Ancient tombs
    The thousand -year -old Qinling Tomb of Qinling Tomb, which is created by high -tech amusement technologies such as live scenes, three -dimensional movies, and live stunts. The danger of the orbit is abnormal. What will you feel whether you get the joy of getting treasures, or the endless fear? Welcome to the large indoor travel project -the tomb was shocked, experience crazy adventure!

    2.4 Water Manjinshan
    The take a boat slowly, just like returning to the bank of the West Lake where it is like a dream. Shuiman Jinshan, fusion disaster simulation, water curtain movie, sky curtain performance and many other top international high -tech expression forms, truly reproduce the tension scene of the white lady Jinshan Temple, and interpret the traditional Chinese folk story- "Biography of White Snake" The magnificent love legend of the thousand -year -old love.

    2.5 The light of ancient civilization
    The light of ancient civilization has two three -dimensional exhibition halls and a 4D theater. The knowledge exhibition hall takes time as a clue to introduce the development trajectory of world civilization and Chinese civilization respectively; the film film is magnificent, bring you the greatness of human wisdom and the courage to challenge nature.

    2.6 Monkey King
    The large original stage drama "Monkey King", through a young male monkey full of bumpy experience, vividly explained the theme of growth. The whole drama integrates a variety of art forms, with bright rhythms, colorful, and magically created a novel and strange entertainment vision.

    "Monkey King" actors have a strong lineup and exquisite skills. The Monkey King Theater is a fixed performance place tailored for this drama. It has a multi -level, multi -level lifting stage and a three -dimensional lifting system for space, as well as advanced stage lighting, audio equipment and primary dance beauty. Scene.
    2.7 Speed ​​Speed ​​
    Caping fighter stunts, simulated pilots physical and mental experience, high speed speed belongs to the "king of entertainment" -the roller coaster family; roll up and down, spiral shuttle, speed dive ... If the sword refers to the sky, the viewer is amazed, and the thrilling joy in the state of the siter and the centrifugal state.

    2.8 Magic Castle
    The flying tarot cards, flashing magic arrays, and frogs who become frogs ... The bloody misery comes on the face, and the double -headed dragon frequently launches an attack ... Here is weird and crisis. Large Dark Ride performance project -Magic Castle, using a variety of performance methods such as tracking three -dimensional movies, virtual reality technology, magic magic performances, and other performance methods to present an incredible magic world in front of you.

    2.9 Light of Life
    Themail giant screen theater -the light of life, integration of knowledge and ornamental, vividly tells the grand process of the earth's life continuously evolving. From the birth of the earth to the impact of meteorites, from the emergence of organic creatures to human evolution, the scene is realistic and intuitive, perfectly showing the magnificence and magic of nature.

    2.10 Cave Cave
    The filaments with many high -tech facilities. The shocking fighting scene seems to be true ... it will definitely make you dazzling and hilarious. Come and experience the adventure of intense and exciting monsters with Sun Dasheng, and appreciate the familiar but different Westward Journey story.

    3 Ticket price
    One -day tickets

    Adult fare: Fangte Fantasy Kingdom ¥ 200 yuan/person Note: Adult and height ≥1.4 meters of minors
    Children's fare: Fangte Fantasy Kingdom ¥ 150 Note: 1.1 meters ≤ Children with height u003C1.4 meters
    Show valid documents)
    Note: The ticket -free person must be accompanied by adults holding a full fare. Each adult is limited to a ticket -free person.

  2. Wuhu Fang Special Phase 1 is more exciting and timid. Especially the fire meteor is particularly exciting. Phase 2 belongs to the children's play, that is, the dream kingdom, and many of the second phases are watching 3D things, not over, and more fun than movies watching outside. Especially the magic castle inside, in short, the timid person can go to Phase 2 to play/Ma'anshan has a stone picking, pure landscape. Legend has it that Li Bai is drinking, drunk there, watching the moon in the water, wanting to fish for the moon, and then jumping to the river.

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