2 thoughts on “I have 30 million yuan to immigrate to the United States?”

  1. If it is a investment immigration, the funds are enough. The capital required by the US investment immigration is 800,000 to 1.2 million US dollars.
    But investors cannot be immigrated to just money, and other conditions are needed. The following is a description:
    . Improve all application materials.
    . Investors remit the investment amount into HSBC Bank's regulatory account in HSBC Bank USA.
    . All application materials are submitted to the U.S. Immigration Service for approval.
    . The approval was completed within two months after receipt of the US Immigration Service. After the approval is approved, the applicant will receive a file package sent by the US State Department within 45-60 days, and must fill this information before the consulate interview date. The applicant who was not approved returned its original investment in the investment of its original regulatory account.
    . The consulate notifys the investor's interview date and requires investors to conduct a health check. The total operation at this stage must be about one to two months.
    6. The consulate interview, the immigration officer informed investors on the spot.
    7. Within 180 days after obtaining the visa, investors must go to the United States. (Investors can move to any state where they want to live in the United States and enjoy the new life of equal rights and interests of American citizens. In the next two years, in addition to maintaining more than half a year per year, investors can be free during this period. Entering and leaving the United States).
    8. In the 21 months of investors entering the United States (that is, the first three months of the condition visa expiration), submit the I-829 application form to request the cancellation of the conditions.
    9. Investors' visa conditions are removed and become formal permanent residents.
    The investment period of ten. Five years, investors have received a investment amount of $ 500,000. Investors can choose whether to become American citizens.
    I assumption: Investors in the United States, investors can apply for a green card immediately, waiting for the approval time for 1 month, but it does not exceed half a year. If investors are outside the United States, investors need to interview at the US consulate in the United States, sometimes 3 months slower than adjusting their identities in the United States, depending on the country and region.
    After the green card is approved, investors will get a condition green card. Conditional green cards have the same power as formal green cards. Conditional green card is valid for 2 years. After 21-24 months after the condition green card was approved, investors need to re-prove that the investment is completed, or it still exists to apply for cancellation of the condition green card to become permanent green card. Five years after obtaining the condition green card, investors can apply for American citizens.

  2. The post is seen as follows:
    1. The EB5 at the moment is $ 500,000, and the $ 800,000 after September 30;
    2. However, participating in EB5 must provide the legal of 30 million yuan. The source and the accumulation process of 30 million yuan.
    The response is hereby for your reference.

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