5 thoughts on “What computer configuration does a mining machine need?”

  1. This depends on what mining for your computer? If it is a computing power, the combination of a computer processor and graphics card requires good. But in general, it is better to need a graphics card. Mining machine, you can choose the notebook of the Shenzhou series.

  2. At present, the mining computers are mainly based on independent graphics cards, because those who need a strong budget capacity for graphics cards can be minitted. For the processor memory motherboard, there is not much requirement. Multi -talented, because so many slots must be supported to support so many independent graphics cards, this kind of computing power will be stronger. After all, this mining is very consuming a power -consuming card. The progress of mining,

  3. Mining is highly required for computers. You can recommend your Thor series. Secondly, the flying fortress is also very good. Then you can try the alien.

  4. The mining machine does not require much computer configuration, but in fact, the graphics card is required. Because you can run those programs so that the graphics card can be run.

  5. According to the description, the requirements for the motherboard are PCI-E slot and many graphics cards. No other request. Neither CPU and memory are required.
    It do not know how to continue asking, please adopt satisfaction.

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