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  1. Currency exchange
    100 German Mark = 438.9816 RMB
    exchange to conversion
    for reference only. During the transaction, the transaction price at the bank counter is subject to the update time: 2014-03-21 18: 11

    It foreign currency exchange of RMB to see the latest cash buying price

    According to the latest foreign exchange license rate on the day, 100 foreign currency can be exchanged for RMB: (cash buy price)

    Formula is: (foreign currency ÷ 100) × cash buying price = replaceable RMB

    (Note: Many people do not understand, the foreign exchange price of the official website is based on RMB 100 , So use foreign currency ÷ 100 first, so it is simple)

    It, if you don't believe me, you can count it yourself, hehe

    The exchange rate information comes from/sourceb/whpj/
    's official website of Bank of China ’s foreign exchange brand

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