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  1. When cutting hair for the dog, clean it in advance, otherwise it will be stuck in the scissors because of the dry hair; you can choose long hair cuts in advance, and trim the two people together for easy operation. In this way, you will not worry about cutting too short and affecting the aesthetic level; you must also grasp the size, be careful not to hurt the dog's sensitive parts.
    1. Wash in advance
    In cutting hair for pet dogs, clean it first, otherwise it will be more strenuous because of its hair in the process of cutting. It will affect the degree of beauty, so after cleaning it, it will not be too frizzy and stuck.
    2. Cut long hair first
    In the preparation work, first pick the long hair to cut it. If you find that the hair is entangled with it When you pay attention to the dog's expression, if it is afraid of appease it in time, two people can operate.
    3. Put on the card cover
    If the hair of the pet dog is too short, you can put it on a jacket for scissors, because there are length marks on the deck, you will not worry about cutting too short. According to the proper degree of the dog's variety, when choosing a scissors, try to choose a more blunt scissors to avoid the dogs from being injured.
    4. Pay attention to the location
    Is to pay attention to parts when cutting hair dogs. This is not as regional as a person when cutting his hair. When the hair is on, pay attention to the sense of size, and do not hurt its sensitive parts.

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