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  1. What pets are suitable for dormitory care
    What pets are suitable for dormitory care. In real life, many friends are too lonely in the bedroom recently, so they all want to raise some cute little pets in the bedroom to accompany themselves. Get up and see what pets are suitable for bedroom support.
    What pets are suitable for dormitory to raise 1 [Bird]
    Wen Bird, which is a cute bird who wants to write novels for it. Needless to say, it is pure White feathers, clear eyes, and small mouths of red fire are also very relatives. They can be put on my hands and are close to them. They are also small princesses who love clean. If the owner is busy, give it a bowl of water, you can play for a long time. Wenting will not scream like Peng, and its price is also worth it. It is advisable to raise it. If you are good, you can live for 7 years!
    [red -bellied squirrel]
    . It is the most relative The squirrel can reach 20cm in adulthood, and you can go out with a rope. There is no odor in myself, and the stinky stink is not very stinky. It is also a little cute and cute. The red-belly squirrel's breeding period throughout the year is about 1-3 young rats interested in friends who can consider it.
    [African mini hedgehogs]
    others raising cats and dogs, you raising hedgehogs, it is a show, African mini hedgehog is also called dwarf hedgehog, docile and loved ones, which are very courageous, small counseling eggs, small counseling eggs One will shrink into the ball when you are frightened, and you will be easy to tingle at this time. The mini -beam hedgehog is relatively quiet. Don't worry about disturbing learning or work too much, bathing is also obedient. The whole body is 6000-7000 thorns, and it will also change the stab. Interested owners can collect them as a bath and brush for the little hedgehog.
    [Flower branches and rats]
    The prototype of the elf mouse brother, the smartest and most docile pet rat! It can be called a big orange in the mouse, docile and not chaotic. However, the flower branches and rat are omnivorous animals. The flower branches are very clean and not easy to get sick. They can be trained to the toilet. This IQ caught up with the dog. In addition, it is the prototype of the legendary big black mouse haha. Be cautious! During the annual reproduction period, a child is 10-12 young rats, are you afraid of seeing this?
    [Thai Douyu]
    This fish is Permanent and elegant. Wearing a colorful glow, elegant stretching, like the elf in the water. It is fierce and fighting. It is best to raise it alone. It is best to raise it alone. The skin is good and does not pick the water quality. As long as the water temperature reaches the standard, it will generally not get sick. Adults can reach up to 8-10cm. The space can live for a long time. It is very suitable for novices to raise, beautiful and charming, have it attracted you?
    [Horned frog]
    The most common pet frogs have been renamed as wealth frogs in recent years. There are many subspecies. The most common is the bell -horn frog. The most expensive is the overlord frog. The most suitable for raising the golden horned frog. Eat every day, half of the mouth is half of the body, love clean and hygienic, and does not run around.
    [Leopard Ended Palace] Damning relatives, strong adaptability, cheap price. It has a new bloodline that is continuously mutated, which is very suitable for novice breeding. The length of adulthood can reach 25cm. When it is in danger, it will break the end of life. Pet, hurry up and stun a.

    [Ink tortoise]
    The turtle is not to say how good it is. It does not exceed 5cm, and the weight of the top -level ink turtle does not exceed the town house, and the price reaches four digits. Ordinary ink turtles are very cheap.
    [Green Mao Turtle]
    This Turtle is actually a kind of freshwater turtle with a turtle -backed basal strain algae. The ancient turtle is called a god turtle. It is the treasure of China, which has always enjoyed the beauty of "living jade" and "Millennium God Turtle". One try!
    [Seaweed Ball]
    The seaweed ball is a plant in a strict sense, but it is too cured. It is a must -have. It is often regarded as a bride's hand gift. The little master can use the imagination to make an ecological bottle. Don't be too beautiful to put it on the table! The small owner with an object can also raise it for a period of time. Don't be too romantic.
    [Hexagonal Dinosaur]
    is also called hexagonal dragon, which is very suitable for novice pets. It is not high in water temperature, 5-28 °, and no oxygen is required. Need to change water frequently, cheap price, strong regeneration ability, life span 10-15 years, small owners with ideas can consider.
    is a type of worm, large, magnificent, and unicorn, which can drive dozens of times more heavier than yourself. Fairy is full of domineering, the high head is full of domineering, the unicorn fairy temperament is docile, and it is resistant to heat and cold. Compared with it, the more domineering Nanyang pocket worm is too proud. Unfortunately, the adults can only live for 3-5 months, and the specimen after death is also a choice that can be considered.
    [Fire Red Rose Spider]
    The people will be frightened by their appearance, but in fact, this variety of spiders are very docile and strong. Excluding accidents, there is not much room for raising it. The adult can reach 13-15cm. As long as there is water, it will not die for 100 days without eating. Rose's. The color is more delicate and the price will be more expensive. How can I choose to think about it?
    The head of this species is much smaller than squirrels. They weigh about 100 grams, with an average of 5-10 years, and belong to daytime animals. The mouse body length is 110-150 mm, the tail length is close to the body length, the back of the back is light yellow or orange-red, and there are 5 dark brown vertical patterns. Essence The longitudinal lines extend from the back of the eyebrow to the hips. The body's side hair is orange -yellow, the abdominal hair is white, and the hair base gray is still very beautiful.
    [teddy dog]
    The is lively and easy to be active. It is a loyal dog species, and the title of "Thailand". Very agile, smart and elegant dog, square structure, proportional proportion, strong and confident steps. Dogs with smaller heads, in order to make up for this disadvantage, can keep the hair on the head and cut it into a circular shape.
    The hair of the neck should be dangled naturally, and the hair of the ears should be long, so that the head is slightly larger and beautiful. Dogs with large heads should be cut short, and the hair on the neck does not need to be cut short, but the teddy dog ​​needs the owner's careful care.
    What pets are suitable for dormitory to raise 2 aquariums:
    fish, shrimp, aquatic pupa, etc. The large number of these types of animals and a large number of categories are very conducive to the category we like. Raising these animals can hardly produce unpleasant smells, nor will there be noise. And good ornamental, food is easy to buy. There are also disadvantages. It ’s troublesome to change water. Some filtration and heating equipment may be used. These need to be used. This is very important. Many dormitories do not allow private wires.

    The climbing class:
    It includes turtles, snakes, lizards, etc. These seemingly scary, but the actual breeding is actually very low -key. The words of the turtle are a bit like the aquarium breeding. The snakes and lizards basically use the breeding box, and they can't see what it is from outside. Disadvantages: Although the breeding of the breeding box is low -key, the interaction with people is low. We raising such animals is basically not interactive, but we are feeding food and replacement of pads regularly.
    Plimal limbs, insects:
    It includes some beetles, crickets, scorpions, spiders, etc. These types feel like snakes and lizards, but we can carefully analyze that raising such pets is indeed tasteless and does not disturb others. It may be difficult for roommates to accept, so choose carefully.
    What pets are suitable for dormitory to raise 3 suitable pets suitable for dormitory to raise and clean.
    1. My Neighbor Totoro is not a cat but a hamster. I think this is a better dormitory pet compared to dogs. But there is one more important thing. If there is no air conditioner in the dormitory, the thick hair of My Neighbor Totoro will cause it to die.
    Totoro is very docile, lively, likes to jump around, active, curious, and not have any active attack. Totoro is a plateau animal and is not easy to get sick. Totoro will take a bath by himself, and you can spend the weekend yourself without worrying about taking care. My Neighbor Totoro's hair is very soft and does not remove hair like dogs and cats.
    2. Dutch pigs: also known as guinea pigs and guinea pigs. They are one of the very popular pet mice. It is also particularly convenient to raise. Dutch pigs cannot eat onions, onions, garlic, leek, ginger, chocolate, coffee.
    It the bottom of the cage is best to change the newspaper or pet carpet. Skywood is not good for Dutch pig's respiratory organs, it is best not to use it. In addition, Dutch pigs are afraid of cold or hot, so keep warm. Dose -order newspapers and toilet paper 🙂 Put the Dutch pigs out of cages every day, otherwise it will be boring.
    3. Moving ears rabbits: The weep -ear rabbit was discovered in the 1970s. This kind of rabbit has a variety of varieties. It is named after the drooping of the ears and is also an easy -to -breed pet. Rabbit is a night -walking animal for herbivorous morning fuse, and is used to eating in the morning and evening. Rabbit has the habit of chewing and excavation. It must provide grinding items for rabbits, and be careful not to let the rabbit go to the wires and bite furniture.

    4. Hamsters: Hamsters are forbidden to feed people's food. Excessive salt and excessive seasoning will increase the burden on the mouse. It is forbidden to directly contact the sun. The rats are very afraid of heat. Summer is here. Please use heat sinks or marble to cool down the heat. If unnecessary, wash the mouse body.
    Ifinable preparation or economic ability, do not raise the mother and mouse cage, the rats are very impressive. It is forbidden to use unknown feed, insects or mildew, please discard, do not feed. It is forbidden to use newspapers, noodle paper, etc. as cushions. There are too many newspaper ink, and the noodle paper contains bleach.
    5. Hedgehog: Hedgehogs are more and more popular. The hedgehog is very timid, not as good as cats and dogs. Therefore, when raising hedgehogs, there is no need to take hedgehogs to take a walk. Just build a small nest for the hedgehog at home, and it can be covered with dried grass and leaves.
    This hedgehog is best during the day, do not disturb its rest, at night, you can tease it. Remember, because the hedgehog does not come out during the day, you do n’t eat food, come out at night, so at night, prepare some food for the hedgehog.
    6. Golden Flower Squirrel: Golden Flower Squirrel is a small squirrel with a longitudinal stripe on the back. Now it is also a pet that many people are raising. Squirrels are omnivorous animals and can be eaten almost everything, but the staple food is various nuts. Water squirrels can not drink water. If you want to drink, remember to boil water.
    The favorite green vegetables, remember that green vegetables must be rinsed and dried in the wind. Although the food and squirrels that are not eaten are omnivorous animals, there are still things that cannot be eaten. If you accidentally eat it, you can diarrhea and lose your life.

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