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  1. Because this is a variety problem; the standard of the poodle is that the mouth must be tip, and there are inevitably a few mouths in a nest; the poodle is divided into three types: standard, mini, and toy type according to the size of the body size.
    and FCI divided them into large, medium, mini, and toy types. It is worth noting that there is no dog of Teddy. Teddy is not a dog breed. One of the names.
    The expansion information
    breeding method
    The puzzle puppies are easy to get sick. Pay special attention to prevention and pay attention to its diet hygiene. Food must be rich in protein, and the meat is not less than 100 grams per day. Before feeding, add equal amount of vegetarian or biscuits to reconcile with water, and should also provide some fresh and clean drinking water.
    This of dog hair
    The combing hair once in the morning and evening, 5 minutes each time combed.
    Im combination of hair: Start from the neck, from the front to the back, from top to bottom, first from the neck to the shoulder, then the back, chest, waist, abdomen, posterior body, and then then, and then, and then, then Comb your head, and finally have limbs and tails. During the combing process, you should finish one side and then comb.
    It the management of pregnant dogs
    The birth period of the female dog is 58 to 65 days, with an average of 62 days. Among them, large -scale and medium -sized dogs are about 63 days of pregnancy, and small dogs such as Haba dogs are about 60 days. In order to ensure the pure descendants of breeding, the first few days after the female dog was breeded, the female dog was not allowed to approach the male dogs of other varieties, so as not to be impure.
    If feeding during pregnancy should be carefully, the feed nutrition must be abundant, the number must be sufficient, and let it take freely. You must also feed some cartilage, green green vegetables, cod liver oil, etc. Pregnant dogs should have appropriate activities. The first month of pregnancy can conduct professional subject training activities every day.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Puccum

  2. The long mouth teddy is the standard VIP, that is, there is a pit distance from the nose to the eyes and the distance behind the brain is 1: 1 This is the standard VIP. The short mouth is eliminated by the race level, but now it is very popular with Teddy short nose, so the price is expensive. It is reasonable to be eliminated. The short -mouth VIPs are matched with cocoa, and after generation and one generation of screening, it becomes like now.
    This of Teddy's head is slightly rounded, his brows are shallow but clear, and his cheeks are flat. The color of the eyes is very dark, the eyes are wide, and the eyes are alarm. The kiss minister was straight and slender, and there was a slight depression under the eyes. The neck is strong, and the neck can raise the head high. The chest expands deep and the ribs are stretched. The heels are short and vertical with the ground.
    Extension information:
    France's long curly hair dogs, Hungarian hounds, Portuguese water dogs, Irish water dogs, Spanish hounds, and even Malzis may be the ancestors of poodles. The poodle is regarded as a national dog in France. Many people think that the poodle is native to France, but many countries still argue about the origin of the poodle, and they want to make it as their own.
    The country in Germany, former Soviet Union, Italy and other countries, they all express their opinions, thinking that some varieties of poodles are produced in their country. For example, the varieties of white hair are mostly French, brown hair varieties are mostly produced in Germany, and there are many black hair varieties in the past. Tea brown varieties are mostly Italy. Some historians are convinced that in the development of the German, former Soviet Union, and France, they have played extremely important roles during the development of poodles.
    Theon Dogs originated in Europe, and there are controversy in which country. The poodle is known for its hunting in water, and is a hound. But only standard VIPs have the ability to work. It is a smart and understandable dog breed. For many years, it has been considered a French dog. Poodles are divided into standard types, mini types, and toy types according to the size of the body size. The FCI divides them into large, medium, mini, and toy types.
    The Vongress Doggi has a unique temperament and changing shape. It has won the favor of many people and giving people a beautiful and smart impression. It is worth noting that there is no dog of Teddy. Teddy is not a dog breed. It is just one of the many cosmetic styles of poodles.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Teddy

  3. Teddy with a better product is basically short mouths, and the mouth has a certain thickness. The long hair tip of the mouth is a string, which is a manifestation of the appearance of the shape

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  5. The best answer to understand that the long mouth is the standard, but the short kiss in China is to caters to cater to the short kiss of consumers.

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