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  1. Dogs should not drink.
    Because the ingredients of wine are mainly alcohol, alcohol has great damage to the dog's blood, liver, kidney, and brain. Alcoholic beverages usually contain ethanol. If the dog drinks too much alcohol, it will cause alcohol to poison.
    The dog's body is not as big as us. A little alcohol also has a great impact on its body, and a little alcohol will also cause the dog's death. After drinking, dogs also have some side effects. For example, the dog will vomit after drinking, and the hind legs will lose consciousness due to alcohol. Drinking a lot of alcohol can also cause the dog's memory, attention, judgment, physical function, emotional response, etc., so we should not give dogs and alcohol, and even drinks cannot be given to dogs.
    What can dogs drink?
    1, cool white open
    The cool white boiling is boiled water at high temperature, and cool water. Such water can give the dog more drink. Because cool and white is relatively safe and healthy, it is good for the dog's body and can be used as a daily drinking water for dogs. However, it should be noted that the cool white blooming for the dog cannot contain scale, otherwise it will cause dogs to suffer from stones and other diseases.
    2, honey water
    The dogs can eat honey, but it should not be too much at a time. If it is replaced with honey water, it is not the same. The pet owner can add one or two drops of honey to the dog's water every day, which can lubricate the intestine, which is conducive to the effect of the dog's laxative, especially the dogs with constipation. But be careful not to drink too much for the dog at one time, otherwise it will cause diarrhea.
    3, green vegetable water
    is the water left by green vegetables. These water can also drink more for the dogs. Because the green vegetables are very fragrant, and it contains many vitamin C, it can supplement the dog's vitamins, which can greatly benefit the dog's body. However, do not put salt and oil for the green vegetables that you drink, and let it cool and drink it. Do not cook too long, otherwise vitamins are prone to loss.

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