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  1. First, prepare the ingredients of canned dogs. For example, 500 grams of beef, 100 grams of pork liver (can also be chicken liver), one carrot, one cabbage, and parents may prepare a few eggs, which should be determined according to the dog's diet. In addition, you can also add some nutrient calcium (of course, this must be determined according to the growth of the dog's body).
    and then clean the ingredients. Cut the carrots, cut the beef small, then put some oil burst (not too greasy), fry the carrots first, then turn the fire to cover the pot, and wait for cooked. In this process, you can cut the cabbage and cut into a long strip with appropriate length.
    Third, put the beef filling in the pot with carrots, turn the fire, add two glasses of water, spread the roll of heart tea, and put it on the pot. Then cut the pork liver into fine particles (the eggs are stirred), and after the pan is opened, put the eggs and pork liver, and calcium powder, stir well, and re -open the pan.
    above, the dog's cans are made. After cooling, put it in the refrigerator and save it. Every time you eat the dogs, you can heat up the microwave oven slightly, or you can stir with dog food for pet dogs.

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