1 thought on “Does Ankang Gaomn Callery Pet Dog?”

  1. City dogs and pet dogs are crooked and evil.
    This that encourages the irrational psychological psychological psychology of the psychological and pathological people who get along with people to get along well, so that many people and dogs are indifferent or even dogs.
    , the case of countless dog bites is universal proved that the dog is a dog, and the dog will never become a person.
    The dangers of cities to raise dogs are intensifying, and it has reached an invisible level.
    The westernized westernization of Chongyangmei Westernization is also in the field of dog breeding.
    . They cultivated a group of "dog lovers" who lost their rationality. They were everywhere with dog interest agents, treating dogs as people, treating people as dogs, confusing people and animals, and turning ethics.
    This dogs are harmful! Dogs are reasonable!

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