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  1. The newborn little milk dog breastfeeding is the best. In the case of lack of breast milk or no breastfeeding, choosing a major can replace breast milk powder. The main reason for pet dogs and goat milk powder is goat milk, which is rich in nutrition, high protein, low lactose is suitable for their physique.

    everyone knows that milk and milk are also nutritious, but why is it not recommended here to feed, because the milk contains a lot of lactose. As a result, the damage to the body is great.
    So, compared to many dairy products, as a nutritional supplement for dairy dogs, goat milk powder is the best choice.
    The method of feeding goat milk powder is also particular, especially milk dogs. The gastrointestinal digestive function of milk dogs has not yet developed, and the degree of adaptation to milk powder is not high. It is recommended to breastfeed in the following ways:
    The feeding bottle, the bottle is the highest frequency, it is also a relatively natural feeding method. The puppy will suck it by itself, knowing that drinking is full.
    In injection with a needle tube, put an appropriate amount of milk in the needle tube, prevent it in the mouth of the puppy, and slowly feed the dog. The growth time of dogs gradually increases feeding.
    In the spoon, slowly pour the milk in the spoon into the puppy's mouth, and slowly feed to prevent milk from flowing into the puppy's lungs. It is recommended not to lift the puppy's head when feeding. Too high.
    The benefits of drinking sheep milk powder:

    The sheep milk powder based on dog nutritional needs, its nutritional value depends on its milk source and formula. For example, Gu Deng sheep milk powder is made of goat milk with cat breast milk, and people can eat it. About nutritional value includes:
    The 10g of goat milk contains 10 kinds of vitamins, etc. Vitamin can enhance the functions of the nervous system, blood vessels, muscles and other systems, and participate in the composition of the enzyme system;
    Onon milk contains in sheep milk contains contains Epitrobium growth activity factor (EGF) can help dogs' growth and repair of epithelium cells, maintain skin vitality, and reduce the occurrence of skin diseases;
    high -quality high protein, protein is the basis of life activity. If lack of pets, pets will cause pets The immunity decreases and is vulnerable to virus infection. The protein in the animal is composed of about 22 amino acids to play a role in catalysis, antibodies and endocrino and carriers.
    The special preparation components added to it can also maintain the intestinal digestive function of the milk dog and promote nutritional absorption without diarrhea.

  2. The specific precautions are as follows:
    1. During breastfeeding, there is no need to have too much intervention to ensure the average amount of milk per dog to prevent the malnutrition of individual dogs. When there is no breastfeeding, the owner needs to feed the dogs with goat milk powder, feed every 3 hours during the day, and add it once in the middle of the night to avoid the dog being hungry.
    2. Keep the dog's nest clean and warm. The newly born dog has a weak body. The ability to adjust the body temperature is poor, and it is easy to cool. The owner should not put it in the air outlet.
    3. The newly born dog cannot excrete itself. When artificially feeds, the owner needs to use a cotton swab to stimulate the dog's anus to promote excretion.

  3. How to feed the little milk dog? The little milk dog is best. Dog's mother. Raise up. but if. If you leave the dog's mother, it is best to feed some goat milk. Can eat again. In the case of dog food. Buy some dog food. That's fine.

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