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  1. What is the longest dog in the world
    What is the longest dog in the world? In daily life, I believe that everyone has seen it, and there are many types of pet dogs, but the characteristics of dogs in each category are different. Some dogs have large ears. Below I share the world in the world What are the longest dogs, let's take a look.
    What is the longest dog in the world. 1. The characteristics of hunting dogs

    The hunting raccoon dogs originated in the UK, and now there are very few distribution in my country. The hunting raccoon dog can be regarded as the nobles in the dogs. The ears of such dogs are generally long, but Haber is the longest one in the ear hunter. But long ears have not affected their hearing. On the contrary, their hearing is more keen than other dogs. This is one of the reasons why hunting dogs can become fierce hunting dogs.

    In addition to the abnormally keen listening, the hunting dog's smell is also very sensitive, which allows them to smell the breath of the prey far away, and quickly attack and capture the prey. Therefore, hunting raccoon dogs are often used in hunters' hunters, or police dogs in the army, and police teams. They can always quickly locate the source of smell and complete work high efficiently. Although the hunting dog is brave at work, they are mild in nature and will not actively attack humans. They can be called a human friendly partner.
    . The troubles of Huber

    Haber has become a famous dog in the world with its long ears. There are also many fans of Habi now, and many people are paying attention to the growth of Hubber. But for Hubel, this may not be a good thing. The long ears have brought a lot of inconvenience to its life, because the length of the ears can be hanging to the ground, so I always trip it when walking. Moreover, more and more humans are paying attention to it, and it also brings a lot of trouble to its life. It can no longer be as free as before.
    Is what are the longest -ear dogs in the world's longest dogs in the world?

    The sausage dogs are actually a dog with very large ears. It looks similar to golden retriever, but the gap between the ears is relatively large, so his body looks very long as a whole. It is relatively short, the experience is very strong, and the muscles are developed, and the speed of running is very fast. When walking, his head always rises high. It looks very proud. When hunting, he can search through his nose and ears, so in some short shrubs, he can also travel freely. The most praised is his keen sense of smell, so it is the reason why it is a hunting dog, which is great.
    2. Labrador.

    Apraado, also a kind of pet that people prefer to raise now. He is also called recovery dogs. Because this kind of dog is very suitable for guide dogs, after training, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc., most of them are Labrador dogs. Then this kind of dog is produced in Newfoundland, Canada. It can be said that he and Siberia's sled dogs are all types. There is not much aggressiveness, but it is extremely smart, loyal and cheerful, very friendly to people, and will not bite people randomly. This is why everyone likes it prefers it. The reason, after all, the requirements for guide dogs are very high, so it is really very gentle. For Labrador, there are more colors, including black, yellow, chocolate and beige, but the most common is black and yellow, but no matter which color, he is always very gentle, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right Children are very friendly and are very loyal to the owner.

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