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  1. Nearsida (details)
    Thenat cats will actually change to our lives to varying degrees, because for us, this is not just as simple as a pet. There are many small things that need to pay attention to, such as environmental hygiene, etc., then let's talk about the precautions after cat raising.

    1. Cleaning dead corners of sanitary: under the sofa, the top of the cabinet, etc. are the sanitary dead corners that are easy to ignore, and it is easy to accumulate dirt and germs. , Roll inside. Therefore, these places must be cleaned frequently and disinfected regularly, which can effectively prevent small animals from transmitting germs to us.
    2. Combing more hair: Spring and autumn is the hair change period of puppies and kittens. During this time, their hair is particularly powerful. Not only sticking to various knitted products, but also fluttering in the air. Patients with asthma are sensitive to these things and can easily cause asthma. People with allergies to hair will cause itching for the skin.
    3. Diligence: Pets are kept in the family. Parents should prohibit pets from sleeping with their children. In addition, the dishes consumed by animals should be kept very clean, and the cat's "filth box" should be kept away from the children's activity space. Parents should be cleaned thoroughly after the pets and feces of pets and feces can be contacted with their children.
    4. Anti -Anticats: Cats also carry rabies virus, so it is necessary to inject rabies vaccine for them.
    The things we need to pay more attention in the normal breeding process. Only by doing these trivial things can we ensure that cats have the health of ourselves and their families.

  2. Not absolute. The main impact of cats in the family on pregnant women is infection of toxoplasma. Gow -shaped worms are mainly existing in the feces of infected cats. If people come into contact with the stool of the sick cat, they may cause infection. The dog's feces cannot infect the toxoplasma. If the dog's fur is stained with the diseased cat and is touched by the pregnant woman, or the pregnant woman eats the unfamiliar sick dog meat, it is possible to infect the toxoplasma. Therefore, the infection of Toxoplasma during pregnancy is mainly due to contacting the diseased cat. If the cat can be confirmed that the cat is not sick, pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy, it can be raised.

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