5 thoughts on “Can the kittens selling on the road buy?”

  1. 1. Persian cats are very precious cat rice. It is impossible to buy 100 times. It is likely to be hybrid.

    2. Of course, you can buy this cat rice. Of course, you can buy it.

    3. Because the traffickers on the roadside will not be good to their trading products! So go to the hospital for a check. Is there any disease?

    4 I now tell you several diseases of the cat. By observing the cat's, appearance, facial features, behavior, action to judge the cat's disease, if it is a very common disease! I suggest you save this little life! (I have experience)

    The cat's disease and prevention
    The influenza is a viral disease, which is usually due to the spread between cats. Antibiotics do not work on the virus, so the usual treatment method is to minimize the clinical symptoms of cats as much as possible, and to improve the cat's own resistance to protect the cat's life until the cat naturally recovers. But there is a way of prevention-vaccination, which can deal with flu.
    The cats with this disease are symptoms of severe colds and may also be ulcers on the surface of the eyes or inside the oral cavity. Cats cause appetite by the sense of smell. Fluid can cause unclear sense of smell, resulting in a decrease in cat eating. Some cats will never heal and become patients with chronic influenza or "nasal congestion". Kittens are often the worst victims. If they do not care carefully, kittens will die. In order to help the kitten to resist this disease, the kitten needs to vaccinate, and adult cats need to be inoculated once a year to strengthen the needle. Enteritis
    The disease is very dangerous, especially for kittens. The symptoms of this disease are lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, dehydration and diarrhea. If the female cat is infected with this disease during pregnancy, the kittens it given will have symptoms of damage to the nervous system. Enteritis virus can survive for a year in the corresponding environment. Like flu. The recovered cat will become a carrier of enteritis virus. In addition, the kitten needs to be vaccinated in accordance with the requirements of a professional doctor, and adult cats need to be vaccinated once a year to strengthen the needle.

    Parasitic insects
    This prevention:
    flea and lice are two more common and cat parasites, usually through an unclean living environment or other small animals with fleas, Infection and infection. Once infected, it will cause serious consequences. To prevent it, it is often supplemented by a suitable wash incense wave to take a bath to get a good results. At the same time, it also maintains the clean and hygiene of the cat's living environment.
    The deworming:
    If you find lice on a cat, but the cat does not have obvious symptoms, you should remove the lice and observe the cat's behavior closely in the following days. If there is a cough, vomiting, wrong sound, or abnormal gait, the cat should be sent to the hospital immediately.

  2. You can buy it, but you have to do a good physical examination for the cats you choose. Little animals who have been hungry for a long time. No matter cats and dogs, don't give it too much immediately. You should drink it first, and then give it to give it. It is eaten by things. Some people say that such a kitten dies quickly, I don't think it can. You take good care of it and observe the situation. As soon as you find a problem, send it to the hospital immediately.

  3. If you have no experience in raising small animals before, I suggest you not to buy it, because these small animals on the roadside are too thin, and if you do n’t raise it, you will die in two days. Several friends have tried to buy small animals and come back to raise, but they can't live for two weeks.

  4. You can buy it, but do n’t take it home first, you have to get a rabies vaccine first, and then go to the hukou, it is troublesome.

  5. It is recommended not to buy ~ `` very troublesome, of course, if you like it very much, and you are not afraid of trouble, you can also buy it back

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