What titers do you use to help cats to clean up your ears?

It is better to help cats to clean up what drops of ear drops. I feel that it needs to be cleaned.

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  1. A cat's ear canal will produce a kind of fat to protect the ear canal, so the owner can often see a layer of brown -black substances in the cat's ear canal. These substances can protect the ear canal, but these oils are piled up with problems. Generally speaking, the cat is needed to do the cleaning of the cat every week. Regular cleaning not only makes the cat's ears look clean, but also effectively prevent ear mites.
    The owner can prepare the pet cleaning liquid dedicated to cotton swabs and cats first, first use a cotton swab to dip the pet cleaning liquid to soften the outer ear and earwood, and clean it. It should be noted that dry cotton swabs cannot attach dirt, and it is easy to pinch the dirt deep into the ear canal; the nails of the fingers are not only easy to carry bacteria, but also scratch the fragile skin on the inside of the cat's ear canal.
    If a cat is infected with ear mites, first isolated from the cat and the healthy cat at home, put it in an independent room, clean the cat's ears first, and then drip the pet cleaning liquid into the cat's ears. , Gently rubbing, the cat fell out of the dirt and the pet cleaning liquid together, usually 2-3 drops is enough.
    If you do not clean your ears for cats often, then the cat's ear will appear disease.
    This of cats' external otitis media is usually caused by parasites such as bacteria, fungi and ear ticks. In the early days, cats will have behaviors such as shaking their heads and constantly scratching their ears. At this time The cat's ears will be very painful, and the cat will refuse to be touched into the ears. If such a situation occurs, the owner should take the cat to the pet hospital for examination in time.
    In daily bathing, be careful not to let the water flow into the cat's ears. You can clean the ear canal before and after bathing. After cleaning, wipe the water in the ear canal inadvertently.

  2. Yes, it is correct to have this consciousness. There are many bacteria in the inner ear of the cat, and there may be mites. It must be cleaned by drop ear drops. It is recommended to use meow to wash ear washing liquid. , Contain the essence of the tea tree, the aloe extract, good.
    In the cat's earwax first, then 3 drops of ear drops in the inner ear, rub the root of the ear, and clean it once a week.

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