1 thought on “How big can the puppet cat grow up to it (how long is the puppet cat body shape?)”

  1. 1. The puppet cat grows up.

    2. The puppet cat can be shaped as much as possible.

    3. When is the length of the puppet cat fixed?

    4. How big the puppet cat grows.

    1. The puppet cats are usually completely shaped at the age of 3-4. They are a larger type of hair in the variety of hair. Thick and soft, mostly three -color puppets or two -color puppets. They are gentle, quiet, and have a big bold. They are more perfect family pets.

    2. Puppet cats and Burmese cats are very late with large cat varieties. The color of the puppet cats will not be fixed at the age of 3-4.

    . The weight of the puppet cat will increase with the month, usually an average monthly increase of about 1 catties, until it reaches 1 year old It will be smaller than the male cat.

    4. The puppet cats will start estrus in about 8 months. Although the physiological development is mature, the body is not mature. It will not completely stop developing until the age of 3-4 The cat can reach about 1 meter.

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