Where is there a pet shop on Xiamen Island?

Where can I have a pet shop, let's talk about the address and the name of the store in detail, I want to raise a cat

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  1. QQ Pet Shop: No. 96 Datong Road, Xiamen City, Tel: 2039091

    Wen Ji Xiahe Store: Tel: 2218279

    Next to the Rose Garden, there is a big brand of Nanyang College on it

    Likang Pet Hospital also has one in He Xiangdong

    Pevolians West Road Longshan Bridge, 5986575

    Wen Ji Yueyang Store: No. 2 of Jinqiao Road, 5365762

    Kara pet shop Tel; 5021687 Exhibition Mingfa store
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    Flying Cloud Pets of Huatu City in Nanhu Park 5044699

    It bus 32.201 bus is off the Lake Binli Station

    The cola pets behind Zhongshan Lu Lai

    Ti'an market Ashen Pet n
    R N Qianqu Pets opposite Songbai Fukong

    The pets aquarius, Dragon Aquarius 8975999

    n Tongan and sweet potato pets, Ye Jianliang,

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