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  1. Friends who have raised cats will have the same understanding, that is, cats are indeed a very sleeping pet, they are the king of sleeping. Many adult cats sleep for more than 14 hours a day, and some kittens may sleep for 18 hours a day. Why do kittens like to sleep so much, so always sleep for cats?
    The research found that cats' sleep time is affected by many factors. For example, hunger, estrus, age, climate, etc. When these factors change, cats' sleep rules change. For example, when the weather is cold, the cat feels hungry, and during the estrus, the cat's sleep time will be shortened. On the contrary, when the climate is comfortable and the environment is safe and stable, the cat's sleep time will become longer. And the length of the cat's surface will change according to its age. Generally speaking, young and old cats sleep longer than adult cats.
    , and the study also found that although the cat sleeps for a long time, it is often not sleeping deeply. We know that even when the cat sleeps, it can quickly wake up when there is any movement of the environment. In fact, in such a long sleep time, cats are often fake, and their response to the surroundings still exists. The really deep sleep time may be only about 4-5 hours.
    Mi professional research explained the cat's sleep: "Cats are not sleeping in a dark way for a day, they are the kind of way to sleep less many times. Generally, the sleep time is about 1 hour. Cats. Cats. Cats. Cats. Cats. Cats. Cats. The changes in brain waves during sleep are the same as humans, and they are also distinguished by fast waves and slow wave sleep. Quick wave sleep is in a deep sleeping state, and slow wave sleep is in a light sleep state. Cats are a very alert animal, even if they are in It still does not relax in the sleep state, so the fast wave sleep is usually only 6-7 minutes, and the slow wave sleep is 20-30 minutes. This is alternately. This is why we can often see the cats who originally thought they were very familiar. When some sounds or other dynamics will respond quickly. "

  2. Cats
    Sleeping is very important for us. The same is true for cats. Enough sleep can let us relax our body and mind, adjust our mental state, and give us a lot of energy. The cat we know seems to be sleeping every day, so why do cats love to sleep? How long can a cat sleep again?
    . How long will the cat sleep enough?
    This is a very sleeping animal. Adult cats spend 14 to 18 hours a day in sleep. ; Kittens need more sleep, and sleep 20 to 22 hours a day to ensure that their bodies thrive. Slow wave sleep is mainly to sleep, the cerebral cortex moves slowly, and the brain waves are high-pressure-slow waves. At this time, the body is not completely relaxed. The common posture is lying down, the head is lifted, and the front paws naturally extend or pressed under the body. At this point, if you walk gently from the cat, the cat will wake up immediately.
    . Why do cats sleep for so long?
    The cat sleep is divided into two categories, one is called slow wave sleep, also called quiet sleep, and the other is called moving eye sleep, also known as sleeping sleep. Pay attention to observing cats who are asleep, and find that cats will be awakened as long as they have a little sound when they sleep. This is because the cat's sleep is divided into light sleep and deep sleep. Most of the time, the cat is out of the state of light sleep. On the surface, they fell asleep, in fact, they still kept high vigilance. When the cat is in light sleep, the cat cannot get enough rest, which is equivalent to human beating. Cats are in a state of deep sleep when they are really relaxing. Cats in deep sleeping generally adopt a very comfortable posture, such as twisted twisted in the back, and cats often lie on their stomach when they sleep lightly. Cat's sleep is light sleep -deep sleep -light sleep is carried out in turns, and the light sleep time is long, so it is not particularly much time when you really get rest and relax. Just 6 hours.
    During the cat's 16 -hour sleep time, 4 to 7 hours are in the stage of moving eye sleep. When sleeping, the eyeball will quickly tremble back and forth, and the transient (ie, the inner eyelid) is closed. Sleeping eye sleep is a rest of the body. When cats enter the eye, the whole body muscles are relaxed, and the posture is generally a ball. Like humans, cats in the eye sleep are very active, and the brain waves are very similar to the awake state. When you are sleeping in the eyes, the cat will sleep deeply and is suddenly awakened. It will temporarily lose the sense of direction and balance, which is the same as the reaction of being called when humans sleeping.
    This sleeps are constantly alternating. When I just fell asleep, I was sleeping in a slow wave. After 10-30 minutes, I turned into the state of sleep. After another six or seven minutes, I returned to the slow wave sleep state and slept for 20-30 minutes. When this alternation occurs, cats often wake up, stretch their waists, yawn, and change to sleep in a posture.

    . Cats do dream?
    The careful parents will find that the sleeping cat will make a pouting and limbs shake, and some cats even humming. Don't doubt, at this moment, cats are dreaming! Like people, cats also dream, but cat dreams are generally relatively simple, mostly to eat and play. When the cat ticks its little mouth, it may be that it dreamed of eating deliciously today ~
    . Where is the most comfortable to sleep?
    For animals that cats can enjoy so, sleeping in a soft, warm, familiar, and ownerous place is the safest, most peace of mind, happiest and most comfortable. So many cats like to sleep on the owner's bed and the owner's clothes. When my cat was busy, we always stayed with our old clothes that we replaced.
    . Why don't you sleep in the early morning?
    The headache for many parents is to be awakened by cats when they are sleeping in the early morning, and they are very wondering why the cats who can sleep so much when they should sleep are so spiritual. The reason is very simple. For cats who are born as a natural hunter, night is the moment of prey to find food, and the darkest early morning can only insist on everything with bright eyes. I can't see a cat. At this time, hunting is the easiest time. As a cat, the hunter's blood is still flowing, and their original instincts make them sober in the early morning.
    It from the above content, you can learn that cats need a good sleeping space. enough sleep can make the cats healthy and happy, and we can create a good environment to the cat as much as possible to allow cats to grow up healthy.

  3. Sleep is an indispensable act of human and animals. Sleep can relieve the fatigue of the body and brain, and can prepare for the next activity for strength and energy. The sleeping time of pet cats is about double the sleep time. However, after research, although the cat's daily sleeping time looks long, the cat's sleep is three -quarters of sleep, which is what we call. Therefore, it seems that the cats are sleeping for 16 hours a day, in fact, the sleeping time is only 4 hours.
    The pet cats will also put various postures when they sleep, lying, lying on their stomachs, sideways, sleeping on the back, shrinking into a ball, and so on. Cats choose to be very comfortable in a place, and they choose in a ventilated and cool place in summer. In winter, you will choose to be a warm or near the stove. At the same time, in winter, cats also like to sleep under the sun and move to sleep with the movement of the sun.
    Pet cats like to sleep. This is closely related to their character, lifestyle, and attitude of life. We know that cats are relatively lazy animals. They usually do not live as lively as pet dogs. They like to lie quietly in a comfortable place and enjoy life quietly. At the same time, because cats were originally hunting animals, in order to be keen and more energy to observe, cats will be sleeping for half a day during the day, but cats are also very keen when sleeping. Can be quickly awakened.

  4. Sleep is an important behavior that animals cannot lack. Sleep can relieve the fatigue of the body and brain, and can prepare forces and energy for the next activity. People have various postures while sleeping, and cats also have various postures when they sleep. The cat sleeps on his stomach, sitting and sleeping, and sometimes sleeping in the sky. The cat also said the dream, and this dream was a tweet. When the cat has a nightmare, he is also scared to open his eyes. The cat's choice of sleeping places is very careful. In summer, cats can accurately find a ventilated and cool place. In winter, cats can accurately find a warm place. In addition, cats follow the sun's movement many times. The sunflower is always towards the sun. Cats always strive for the most comfortable place for sleeping places. For example, sleeping near the heater, but often the cat's tail is scorched; female cats and cubs sometimes choose a comfortable place to squeeze together, but it is easy to suffocate the cat cubs and die; Create furniture and supplies. These cats must pay attention to.

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