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  1. Cats can drink soy milk, but it should not be given too much, because soy milk belongs to plant protein, they need animal protein

  2. When it comes to cat food, you will have to shovel the shovel. You can say that you spend on your cat's grain every year and make every cat owner cry! But if you do n’t let cats eat, the cat will be hungry, and if the cat owner eats, the storm is crying, and it is a lot of expenses. Today, let's talk about these things for kittens to eat, so that cat slaves pocket a little bit, and cats eat better.

    The cats can be happier in nutritional nutritional nutrition
    The food ingredients bought on the market can be divided into cereals and fruits, protein and additives. Today, I will introduce to your mother to introduce to you what mysteries are in these categories!

    The cat nutrition is balanced, so that the shoveling officer can be happier
    1 grain foods

    grain food, mainly corn, rice, millet, barley, wheat, sorghum, sorghum, sorghum, sorghum Wait. Grain is the main source of energy required for cats. The main components are carbohydrates, protein, inorganic salts and vitamins. Among them, carbohydrates account for the largest proportion, and grains provide a lot of energy. However, protein, inorganic salts, and vitamins are relatively small, and there are few types of amino acids, which is far from meeting the needs of cat growth and development.

    The cat nutrition is balanced, so that the shoveling officer can be happier
    2 bean products food

    Products. The predecessor is soybeans, peas, red beans, mung beans, etc. Soy milk is characterized by high protein tea, full types of amino acids, high lysine content, and disadvantages are low eggine content.

    The cat nutrition is balanced, so that the shoveling officer can be happier
    3 animal protein foods

    common animal protein foods are mainly fish and egg milk. These Food tastes delicious and easy to digest and absorb. Can provide cats with high -quality protein and make up for the lack of plant protein amino acids. Its fat can provide essential fatty acids and a lot of energy. The content of saturated fatty acids in meat is high, and unsaturated fatty acids in fish and egg milk are high. At the same time, it can also provide rich water -soluble vitamins, especially animal visceral content. Although the dragon fruit is a dog, it especially loves meat.

    This is balanced by the cat's nutrition, so that the shoveling officer can be happier
    4 fruits and vegetable foods

    The fresh vegetables and fruits are fresh and juicy, rich in vitamins and inorganic salts. Not only is it nutritious, but it is also good. Many cats like it very much. Vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients such as vitamins and calcium. The cellulose and pectin contained in vegetables and fruits, as well as the laxative effect of intestines can protect the normal functions of the catastic digestive system.

    The cat nutritional balance, the shoveling officer can be happier
    5 additive foods

    additives refer to the need to add special effects to food according to the actual cat's actuality. Supplementary agents, such as minerals, vitamins, antibiotics, preservatives, spices, etc. But what is said is that cats are more sensitive to antibiotics. Small doses can also change the normal fungus in the digestive tract, and chloropension is very toxic to cats and is not suitable for cats. Proclaimed and antioxidants can cause cat liver and accumulated poisoning, and even cause cats to die, so shovelers must pay attention to!

    The cat nutrition is balanced, so that the shoveling officer can be happier
    cat nutrition balance, the shoveling officer can be happier!
    The variety of cat foods on the market are particularly complete. The shoveling officer can choose cat food suitable for their own cats according to the ingredient list. However, you can also eat some self -made foods for the cats to isolate the harm of preservatives and balance nutrition at the same time. In addition, high -quality pet grains will be heavier because they contain animal protein raw materials.

    The cat nutrition is balanced so that the shoveling officer can be happier

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