4 thoughts on “Where can Jinan City have a relatively large pet market?”

  1. How can there be a large pet market in the southeast gate upstairs? You won't say it is the southwest gate of Daming Lake.
    In Southwest Gate of Daming Lake
    Road West
    Ihard time KTV North
    Bai Ning Aquarium Market
    is the main selling of cats and dogs
    The aquarium
    The few people in Phoenix Mountain on Saturday
    In Sunday
    Ma morning
    The people who sell dogs really a lot
    You can get
    . There is a royal pet in the provincial museum
    The names of the name cannot be remembered
    is good

  2. The southwest gate of Daming Lake
    Biring Pet Market
    is on the way to the back door of Wulongtan, 500 meters, fast to the original paper factory

  3. Bid Mountain. Every Saturday and Sunday is a collection. All small animals and flowers. There are only two mornings a week.

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