5 thoughts on “What do you want to do if you love your own cat too much?”

  1. What to do if the cat loves too much, cat love may be because they are hungry or the surrounding environment makes them feel disturbed, and they also love to call in a state of nervous state. Cats are too loving to soothe them. Then find out the reason they love, do not intimidate them loudly, maybe they will be more frequent when they hear the intimidation sound. What to do if cats love too much? The reason and solution that cat loves calls: (1) The living environment changes suddenly. If the living environment suddenly changes, such as being sent to the home of the master and friend's home, or the owner's home moved to a new child, pet, pet Generally, it is a bit uncomfortable and feels unsuccessful. Solution: Pet owners can bring pets in advance to feel the new environment, and can prepare better material conditions for it in the new environment. (2) If the new member is added, if there are new pets or friends in the family, or a new baby appears, they will feel that they are left out, which will look gloomy. Solution: The pet owner must make full preparations in advance so that the arrival of new members will become a happy thing for pets at home. (3) Specifies from the pet owner cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and turtles such as small animals such as the owner leaves home without taking them out, they will feel very disturbed, nervous and even depressed. Solution: The owner may leave some delicious snacks to enjoy pets before leaving home. It is best to have some good taste it has never enjoyed. When you are busy enjoying food, you can reduce the pain of thoughts. (4) If the pet owner goes early and return early every day, pets that are often not taken into account and cannot get out of the house will easily produce depression and anxiety, and even disabled to vent their own attitude towards the pet owner's attitude towards pet owners. Key factor. Solution: Pet owners should spend more time to take care of their pets, or find a partner for it to prevent it from being too lonely and monotonous. (5) If the family atmosphere of the pet owner is relatively tight and the family war broke out from time to time, in this environment, pets are prone to fear of fear, and depression will occur over time. Solution: In this case, it is natural to change the pet depression to the relaxed environment first.

  2. In the past, the same is the case at work. There is a feeling of depression. Coupled with all kinds of discomfort, it is difficult to do anything, and the personality feels more and more introverted. In fact, as long as you go out to drink friends often when you have nothing to do, you will follow your mind whether you like it or not, and you will change your mentality for a long time. You are very comfortable when you see others at work. It doesn't matter, don't do everything yourself. Even if you hate collective activities, you must exercise, and you will slowly adapt to it. The society will not adapt to you, come on! Intersection Intersection If you do n’t change it, you can also resign if you do n’t like this job, you can also resign, go out to play, travel

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