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  1. Usually, the female cat does not eat kittens, unless it is food scarce or a kitten has disability.
    Animals face survival problems every day. The food chain is intertwined. Each species needs to get enough food to live. Humans in ancient times are also no exception. Therefore, food shortages are animals. The problems that we can never avoid, especially the pregnant animals, need a large amount of food supply to help them give birth to a healthy baby. When the cubs are born, they also need to eat sufficient food to produce sufficient milk to produce sufficient milk. Feed cubs.
    , when food is scarce, these animals also choose to eat relatively weak cubs to get enough nutrition. However, there is no phenomenon of food scarce in home cats, so this situation mainly occurs in wild cats.
    It, when a cat is produced, if it finds that its cubs are deformity or are in critical condition, it will also eat the cubs because they are very clear. Such children cannot survive. So, cats usually choose to eat these cubs.
    Musting does not touch the cub in the end:

    Most animals have a sensitive sense of smell, which can easily detect the abnormalities of the surrounding environment. It can judge whether there are other animals through the sense of smell. After, if the cubs are attached to the smell of other animals, they usually eat them in order to avoid being discovered by these animals again, and they eat these other animals with the smell of other animals. Protect.
    people often see female cats transfer their cubs. Although they eat their own cubs for this reason, they look very cruel, but this method also guarantees the safety of the rest of the cubs and can also allow the rest of the cubs to be allowed They survive in cruel nature, so in order to avoid damage to the mother's mother to their cubs, please do not touch the newly born small animals at will.

  2. Female cats may die of their own cubs, the reason is not clear. However, there are several cases of suspicion: First, the female cat's nutrition is lacking and needs to be added. If the physique of the big cat after giving birth to a kitten, and the owner did not discover it in time, the disease enhances nutrition, it may eat the newborn cubs and supplement themselves for themselves. This is similar to that of his own eggs; second, the kitten has hereditary defects. It is easy to see this, but the female cat can feel itself. It eats this cub that cannot survive in nature, and then convert energy to itself, which is also equivalent to converting to the remaining kittens. That is, the kitten may be touched by other people or animals, and the taste of its ability is covered up, which is replaced by the taste of others. Because the cat's mother recognized her children not to look at it with her eyes, but she was identified by smelling the taste through the sense of smell. Therefore, once the taste is wrong, it will treat this cub as an invader who threatens other kittens safe. Of course, it will bite the "invaders" because of protecting other kittens; fourth, it feels dangerous. If someone or animals are often disturbed near the kitten you just born, the cat's mother will feel unsafe. In order to protect the kittens being not harmed, it may also eat them. Anyone who was born in Hai saw the kitten who had just been born, and the cat's mother would eat the cubs. The reason is even more unclear!

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