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  1. Cats can eat a little pork. Pork contains a large amount of protein and fat, but do not eat meat for a long time, especially the fatty pork. When cats eat high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
    usually feeding cat food is mainly mainly. Purgically feeding pork for a long time will cause cats to picky food, and pork needs to be cooked as snacks.
    The long -term eating of cats is easy to accumulate fat and calories, causing the body to gain weight, and cats with pancreatitis cannot eat pork.
    Secondly, raw meat and frozen pork should not be eaten for cats. Raw meat may contain bacteria, which has a great impact on the health of cats.
    It pork for pet cats, it is best to choose lean meat with less fat content, and you need to cook it with water before you can give the cat some.
    It feeding pork often makes cats formation of dental stones, threatening the cat's oral health. Try not to feed people for cats. You can go to pet shops and pet hospitals to buy cats dedicated to cats, and there are meat pieces in it.
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  2. I often see rumors about cats and dogs that cannot eat pork, nothing more than the following sayings:
    rumors 1. Cats and dogs do not have enzymes that can digest pork;
    rumors 2. The fat balls of pork are too large , Will block the micro -blood vessels of cats and dogs;
    Rumors 3. The fat content of pork is too high, and it will get sick if you eat too much; rn 谣言5、猪肉寄生虫、细菌太多,不卫生;rn 谣言6、宠物食品中没有以猪肉为原料的;rn 如果你听信过以上说法或类似说法,就I got the rumor. Why do these claims are unbelievable rumors? Let's crack them one by one.

    Figure 1: The yellow raccoon "Mi sauce" of Mi -sauce Ma Ma family
    Rumors 1. There is no enzyme that can digest pork in the cat and dog body;
    One, like beef, lamb, chicken, duck, etc., can provide cats with protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Digestion of pork and digestion does not require any special enzymes. Anyone who is a bit common knows that cats are carnivorous animals. As a cat of carnivores, how can they not digest meat?
    Rumors 2. The fat balls of pork are too large, which will block the micro -blood vessels of cats and dogs;
    mo, no matter the fat balls of the pork are not large, they will not block the microphone of cats and dogs, because the pork is digested by the body and digested by the body Before absorption, it must be treated with the production processing process and digestive system. Before reaching the micro -blood vessel, it has long been decomposed into a very easy to digest and absorb fatty acid.
    Rumors 3. The fat content of pork is too high, and it will get sick if you eat too much;
    Compared with chicken, duck, and fish, the fat content of pork Fat content. For example, when 300g chicken breast 100g chicken liver 50g pork, make a cat rice with a calorie density of 100kcal/100g, its protein content is ≥10%, and the fat content is ≥5%. The content is even lower than the peak cat cans (7%) that everyone has heard.
    Furthermore, there are also many parts with low fat content on the pork, such as: pork ridge, pork essence, pork liver, pork heart, pork waist, pork belly, etc. The fat content is lower than 8%. Even pork leg meat is less than 14%. What is 14%? The average fat content of duck meat is 19.7%, and the average fat content of mutton is 14.1%, which exceeds the content of lower fat on the pig's body.

    Figure 2: The small milk cat picked up by Mi sauce Maba
    Rumors 4. The ancestors of cats live in the desert, and have never eaten pork during the evolution;
    cats' cat’s The ancestors lived in the desert and had never eaten pork, so there was no chance to eat fish. But there are countless cat foods and canned cats now, which does not correct that even if the cat's ancestors have no chance to eat foods, is the cat that lives in the current current? Why do you have any prejudice to pork?
    Rumors 5. There are too many pork parasites, too many bacteria;
    First of all, the Food Quarantine Bureau will quarantine poultry products, which meets standard talents. It is allowed to flow into the market. Furthermore, the microorganisms such as parasites and bacteria cannot survive in the high temperature links of food processing, let alone eat it to bring hidden health hazards. The puffing and squeezing temperature of cat food is as high as 180 ° C. The high temperature sterilization vacuum packaging of canned cats is also enough to achieve commercial aseptic. There is no need to worry about the harm of parasites and bacteria with pork cooked foods (unless it is cooked after cooked system. To pollution).
    Rumors 6. Pet foods do not use pork as raw materials;
    First of all, no matter whether there is a pet food with pork as raw materials, this must not prove that "cats cannot eat pork" at all. Just like we have never seen cat food with mice and insects as raw materials, can the cat eat mice and insects?
    Secondly, in pet foods, it is not a product that does not use pork as raw materials. Take a few examples:
    ① The French Royal Cat (1 ~ 4 months) is a special milk cake away from milk cats. The second place is frozen pork.
    ② The Royal French ideal body becomes a cat food containing dehydrated pork protein.
    ③ Canada desires cat food and red meat formula contains pork ingredients such as bone exfoliating pork, pork liver.
    ④ Hills AD canned pork and pork separation protein.
    ⑤ Japanese Inabao contains pork and its by -products.
    ⑥ Germany Gabele's poultry poultry cog fish formula contains pork fat.
    ⑦ low -temperature roasting duck meat low -sensitivity whole cat food of the American lotus contains pork liver.
    ⑧ American Belle instincts Freshless Valley whole cat food contains frozen dry pork fat, frozen dry pork liver and frozen dry pig heart.
    娜 Anna Mate chicken fish formula all the cat food contains pork flour.
    el American Wellness Core Turkey Duck Formula into a cat food contains pork powder.

    It Figure 3: Little milk cats and Mi sauce are very clean ~
    It to see so many manufacturers use pig -derived raw materials, can it dispel doubts in your heart? Intersection The so -called "pet food has no pork ingredients" is that everyone has not done a survey or everyone is always unwilling to believe that cats can actually eat pork? Some people may say that these are wild pork, not raising pigs. But isn't pork pork pork? Isn't the chicken chicken chicken? Is the wild duck wild fish duck and fish? What's more, so many wild boars come so much that it can be used by pet manufacturers for pet food production?
    So can cats eat pork? The answer is yes: Yes.
    If the above argument is not enough to help you get rid of the interference of the rumors, let's take a look at the position of the most authoritative National Research Count:
    In the book "Need for Nutrition of Dogs and Cats", the pet feed component table clearly mentioned pork (smoked), pork powder and pork meat powder.
    (Background Information: The National Research Committee was established in 1916 by the National Academy of Sciences. The main task is to combine a large number of scientific and technical groups to help the Academy of Sciences promote academic development and provide suggestions for the federal government. It is a folk, non -profit, and autonomous organization. His outstanding scholars are mainly committed to determining the development direction of science and technology and using them to provide conventional benefits. In 1863, the articles of association adopted by the US Congress established its authority.)
    Mi sauce Ma Ma once consulted this issue to consult an American veterinarian and a doctorate veterinarian. "Cat Pork", "Feline Pork", "Cat Swine", "Feline Swine" can not find evidence that support "cats and dogs cannot eat pork". I really don't understand why "cats and dogs can't eat pork" in China.
    The reason why there are few types of foreign pig -based pet foods abroad, I think there may be the following two factors:
    . Foreign abroad is mainly based on chicken, duck, fish, beef and mutton consumption. Compared with China, it is not very developed. This can be seen from the pictures of the distribution of pigs around the world:
    The overall supply and total consumption of pork are not large. Relatively speaking, the remaining corners of the pork or livestock ingredients The total amount will be relatively small. Pet foods mostly use raw materials that humans cannot consume, so pig -derived ingredients in pet foods will be relatively small.
    2. Compared with other meats, pork does not have the advantages of protein. This can be seen from the table below:

    Figure 5: Nutritional comparison of pork and other meats
    As shown in the table above, the average protein of pork is only 13.2%, Almost all meat is the tail of the average meat, while the fat is as high as 37%, ranking first of all meat. To get higher protein content, it is easier to achieve the goal through other high protein content to achieve the goal. Because of this, pork is not the main source of protein in pet food. What's more, the supply of other meats will be more sufficient compared to the "weak" pig farming industry.
    The pork is not as terrible as everyone thinks. If a reasonable matching and sophisticated material selection can also make high -quality and healthy pet food. In some ways, pork is not worse than other meat.
    1. Although the pork is high in fat, its fatty acid structure is still good:

    Figure 6: Comparison of fatty acid structures of pork and other meats
    In fat, more than 40%of them are monouns and unsaturated fats, higher than chicken, beef and lamb. Monkey -unsaturated fatty acids are the rich fatty acids in fish oil and olive oil ~
    The saturated fats of the three pork in the chart are below 35%, which is lower than beef and mutton. We know that eating more fatty fat is easy to three high. Although saturated fats may be harmful to cat -eating animals, it is not larger than those of people, but the saturated fat content of chicken and duck meat common in cat food is not high.
    If in the chart, the content of multi -unsaturated fatty acids of pork in the chart is between salmon, beef and chicken and duck, which is quite satisfactory. Why is it always unjustly injustice?
    If the proper proportion of the pork composition can be made, pet food containing pork components will not be worse than other meat components ~
    2. Pork is rich in vitamin B1, which is N times of other meats N times. :

    If Figure 7: Comparison of vitamin B1 content of pork and other meats
    The cat friends like homemade cat rice, but the vitamin B1 content in chicken, duck, sheep, fish, and fish is not sufficient. It is easy to lack vitamin B1 without adding other nutrients to supplement, coupled with the cooking process. The cat rice with pork ingredients is not easy to lack of vitamin B1.
    has analyzed so much. Finally, Mi -sauce is roughly summarized:
    Cats and dogs can eat pork. There is no evidence to support all the saying that "cats can't eat pork"; there are also many goods in pet foods in pets; the National Research Commission believes that pork can be used as a kind of feed raw materials; pork is used in pet food Less may be related to the supply of foreign pigs and the consumption of pork on the foreign people, and it is also related to the protein content of pork. In addition to high fat content and low protein content, pork also has its own advantages, such as good fatty acid structure and rich vitamin B1. If it is reasonable, it is also a good pet food raw material.
    Source of article: Mi sauce Ma Ma

  3. Eating is easy to get sick.
    Because the fat content of pork is relatively high, cats often eat pork will become obese and affect physical health. In addition, it is best not to feed cats when the freshness of pork cannot be guaranteed and whether there is a parasite. Raw pork to avoid infection with parasites.
    has a large amount of bacteria and parasites in pork on the one hand. Cats are likely to infected with parasites and suffer from gastroenteritis and other diseases. On the other hand, there are high cholesterol in pork. It may cause cats to suffer from liver and pancreatic diseases due to excessive cholesterol in the body.

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