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  1. Safety operations of forklifts: 1. Folding inspection vehicle 1. Before and after the forklift operation, check the appearance and add fuel, moisturizing

    2. Check the performance of starting, operation and braking. 3. Check whether the lights and speaker signals are fully effective

    . 4. Check whether the pressure and temperature should be checked during the operation of the forklift.
    If forklift maintenance
    It to make the forklift work normally and reliable, give full play to the potential ability of forklifts, and have regular maintenance measures. Technical maintenance measures, generally

    1, daily maintenance, after each class work.
    2, first -level technical maintenance, after 100 hours of work, a group system is equivalent to 2 weeks.
    3, secondary technical maintenance, after 500 hours of work, a group of work system is equivalent to one quarter.
    . Daily maintenance
    1, dirt, dirt and dirt on the forklift, the key parts are: fork frame and door frame slide, generator and starter, electricity

    This electrode fork columns, water tanks, air filters.
    2. Check the tightness of each part. The focus is: the fork frame supports, the lifting chain tighten the screw, the wheel screw, the wheel fixed sales

    , the brake, the rotor screw.
    3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the steer.
    4. Check the leakage situation. The focus is: each pipe joint, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lift oil cylinder, tilt oil cylinder, water
    box, pump pump, engine oil bottom shell , Torque, transmission, driving bridge, main reducer, hydraulic steer, steering oil cylinder.
    5, tire pressure inspection: Insufficient supplement to the specified value, confirm that no air is leaked. Check whether the tires are damaged on the ground and the side, and whether the wheel

    is it deformed.
    6, brake fluid, water volume inspection: View whether the brake fluid is within the scale range, and check whether the air is mixed in the air. When

    , to prevent dust and water from mixing. When adding water to the water tank, use clean tap water. If the antifreeze is used, it should be injected

    . When the water temperature is higher than 70 ° C, do not open the water tank cover. When the lid is turned on, put a thin cloth. Do not bring the glove to twist

    7, engine oil volume, hydraulic oil, electrolyte inspection: first pull out the oil label ruler, wipe the ruler head, insert it and then pull out the oil level

    Essence The oil level in the working fuel tank should be between the two scale lines; there are too few oils, and the air will be mixed in the pipeline. Too much

    will overflow from the cover. The battery electrolyte is also between the upper and lower sedimentation lines, and the deficiency should be added to the top line.
    8, brake pedal, micro -pedal, clutch pedal, hand brake inspection: Step on each pedal to check whether there are extremely slow or stuck

    . The effect of hand brake handle should be less than 300N, and it is confirmed that hand braking is safe and reliable.
    9, belt, horn, lighting, instrument, etc.: Check whether the belt looseness meets the regulations, there is no adjustment of the margin or damaged

    patterns, the speakers, lights, and meters are all all. It should be normal and effective.
    10, put the oil filter sediment.

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