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  1. First of all, the curtain wall aluminum veneer uses high -quality aluminum alloy plates as the substrate. It is forming a new type of curtain wall material made of decorative coatings such as fluorocarbon and paint on the surface. The thickness of the aluminum veneer of curtain walls is 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm. The single board model is 2003 and 3003 status H24.
    Secondly, the curtain wall aluminum veneer is often used for outdoor and indoor decoration, outdoors can be suitable for the exterior wall of the building, and the interior can be used for interior wall decoration. The quality of the curtain wall aluminum board is light, strong, and simple, not only practical, but also beautiful. Nowadays, most buildings use this material for external walls or indoor decorations. The material has been used for a long time and the recovery rate is very high. It can be regarded as environmentally friendly green building materials, which is very suitable for various buildings.
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  2. In general, the thickness industry standard of aluminum veneer curtain wall, the thickness of the bottom material and the thickness of the finished product is 0.15mm. Customers can compare the above data according to their own coating requirements, and then measure the thickness of the finished product of the aluminum veneer they purchased by themselves to confirm it to confirm Does the thickness of aluminum board meet industry standards.
    Themodenplate veneer is a kind of curtain wall decoration product selected according to the structure of the building. It is a very important type of metal curtain wall. Like glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls, etc. The exterior wall aluminum veneer, shape, color, etc. are flexible and changeable, which can meet the needs of different buildings. At the same time, the outer wall aluminum veneer is environmentally friendly products. When re -decorated, it can be recycled after removal.
    aluminum list is a mainstream metal building materials decoration product. It is suitable for ceiling decoration, exterior wall decoration, billboard decoration, screen, partition, etc., such a large market, naturally form a product parameter Standards, when customers purchase aluminum veneers, in addition to coating quality, I believe that thickness is definitely concerned. What is the thickness error of the industry standard aluminum veneer? What is the error?
    In according to the thickness of the industry standard, the 1.5 finished aluminum single board, the bottom material is 1.35mm, the 2.0 finished aluminum single board, the thickness of the bottom material is 1.85mm, the thickness of the substrate and the finished product is 0.15mm. If It is powder spray, spray coating thickness of 0.1mm, polyester paint, fluorocarbon spraying is generally 0.06-0.08mm, which is the thickness standard formed by the natural formation in the building materials industry. If the customer purchases according to such standard aluminum veneer products, it is more cost -effective, but some manufacturers may work hard on the thickness, and the thickness of the bottom material will not be ordered according to industry standards. The corresponding reduction in production costs. They may report to low prices or the same price to strive for greater profits.
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