1 thought on “Now teachers like to build a parent group. What are this group generally used?”

  1. The parent group is a group used to carry out school work. This group is not an act that the teacher likes it, but it is established for the children for the children for parents. So understand the teacher, don't be afraid of trouble. The teacher faces more problems than our parents. As parents, we need to support the teacher's work.
    1. For parents and parents, the parent group establishes a parent group. Now, whether the child is going to kindergarten or a primary school middle school, when you see the teacher, the first is to establish a parent group. Many parents think that teachers like to build a parent group so much? Do you think the teacher really likes it? The answer is no. The reason why the teacher is established is to carry out future work and study. After all, your child needs to be able to contact you in your own class, and you can contact the teacher.
    The is a very necessary thing to establish a parent group. As a teacher, it is responsible for the child to be responsible for the parents. Learn about the performance of children in school. The parent group is the best tool for parents and teachers to communicate, and it is a connection base between each other.
    Is when the teacher receives the above tasks, he needs to convey to parents at the fastest speed to allow parents to have enough time to prepare, which can save a lot of unnecessary time and trouble. There are also parents who can carefully understand the teachers of various subjects from the parent group, or to contact the teachers and classmates of various subjects at any time. It is a very important tool.
    . Parents and class teachers in the parent group that the parent group cannot do. In the parent group, the teacher cannot send the child's transcript, the child's affair, etc. Essence Some classmates still need to find the classmates to deal with it in person. Do not send it to the group to let all parents know.
    The parents in the group should not send up for information and information, let alone disclose the information of other parents and students' information, and do not advertise randomly. The parent group was established for their children. It was established by the teacher to better carry out work, not for you to advertise for you.
    The low -key as possible in the group, do not make a fart. The teacher sent some pictures and said that the teacher was hard, sending a piece of information, saying that the teacher had the intention, and sent some touching texts and so on. It's not that you don't respect the teacher, but don't be too angry.
    Last: Parental groups are for children, don't think about too much, don't do too much.

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