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  1. Generally, a courier company has the following four steps:
    1. First think about the company's registration name, then go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to check the name, and then find a good office.
    2. The name is determined, providing your ID card with other partners, my account book, which requires about 10 -day business licenses to come down to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.
    3. After getting the business license, go to the bank to open an account.
    4. Apply for telephones, buy fax machines, computers, printed transportation orders, recruiting salespersons, and connectors.
    If operation process:
    . Business acceptance
    The outlet company staff preliminarily confirmed whether they can be collected according to the express information provided by customer calls and system ordering. For the outlet that can be collected to notify the salesperson to pick up the door, for the unable to send the non -receiving express, inform the customers that they do not receive the delivery.
    . Business collection
    . The salesperson provides on -site collection services within the agreed time for the preliminary confirmation.
    (1) Work preparation:
    1. Ensure that the working state of communication tools and transportation is good.
    2. Confirm the preparation of facial orders, packaging, tape, electronics, tool knives, etc., as well as material bills, brochures, invoices and other material bills.
    3. Confirm the work certificate, driving certificate, and vehicle certificate.
    4. Ensure the personal appearance instrument and adjust the working status.
    5. Know the latest company business dynamics.
    6. To ensure that the transportation is properly parking, it does not violate the regulations and does not affect others.
    7. Put the fast -collecting fast parts.
    8. Enter the door to sort out the personal instrument, actively show the identity to the customer, and show the document to explain the intention.
    (2) Express verification:
    1. To confirm whether the express delivery of the customer's delivery is within the Huitong network delivery area, the express mail that is not in the service area
    2. Strictly follow the requirements of the "Administrative Measures for the Safety Management of Express Express". If it is a banned item or limited delivery items, it will not be collected. Report to the company and relevant national departments.
    (3) Express packaging:
    The guidance or assisting customers to use standardized packaging materials and filling items packaging express mail, so that the express mail meets the requirements of transit transportation and ensure the safety of delivery items.
    (4) Fill in and weighing charges for transportation forms:
    1. Inform customers to read the terminal endorsement terms, and remind customers that valuable items are recommended to keep prices.
    2. If the customer has been filled in, check the content of the filling; if the customer fails to fill in the transportation order, the customer will fill in or fill it out on behalf of the customer, and let the customer sign at the designated location.
    3. Weighing the packaged express delivery, confirming the payment party and payment method, and indicating at the position specified by the transportation order.
    4. Paste the filling orders and logos that are filled in the appropriate position of the express mail.
    5. Stay to the customer to the customer and issue bills for customers.
    6. Make information collection of the exerted express delivery and upload it to the system.
    (5) The fast -collecting fast part is transported back to the processing point within the prescribed time, and the retention of the transportation company will be reserved and the fee is handed over to the relevant staff.
    The express mail sent by customers with reference to the above process is treated.
    . Express sorting
    The staff of the processing center sort and seal the express delivery, including receiving, sorting, packaging, shipping, etc.
    (1) Work preparation:
    1. The latest operation processing notice is known.
    2. Receive operation tools include scanning equipment, disassembling and cutting tools, pens, packaging, protective tools, etc.
    3. Check whether the scanning equipment and transmission equipment are normal.
    (2) Express receiving:
    1. Guide the express transportation vehicle accurately stopped, check the identity of the vehicle and the carrier.
    2. Check whether the vehicle is intact, and disassemble the intact seal.
    3. Remove the express delivery from the compartment and check it to handle the relevant personnel of the abnormal express delivery such as damage and prohibition.
    4. Reach the center of the process to the center of the processing center to scan and register the problem.
    (3) Classified sorting of express delivery by express flowing to the express mail;
    (4) Express seal:
    1. Send the expressway to the next station to scan.
    2. Packing and sealing, and packet visa according to the express attribute.
    3. In accordance with the trains and directions, load the express mail correctly and reasonably.
    4. Seal the loaded vehicles and install the handover procedures.
    5. Guide the express transportation vehicles in order to leave safely.
    . Express delivery
    The courier provides on -site delivery services for express delivery in this area. During the delivery process, it is necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and express.
    (1) Preparation of parts: Prepare the transportation tools, operating equipment, various documents, documents, etc. to be used to organize the personal appearance and instrument.
    (2) Express transfer:
    1. Receive the express mail within your own delivery range to confirm the transportation method with the processing personnel in person.
    2. Check the express delivery to confirm whether there are problems such as damage, over -range, address errors, errors, and differential prices, etc.
    3. Confirm the number of pieces with the processing personnel. Use the scanning tool to scan the express mail one by one.
    (3), express delivery:
    1. According to the requirements of the express attributes, destinations, timeliness, etc., arrange the sequence of delivery reasonably.
    2. When you reach the destination, place the transportation and express.
    3. Sort out the personal instrument before entering the door. After entering the door, take the initiative to show your identity, and show the relevant documents.
    (3), express delivery:
    1. According to the requirements of the express attributes, destinations, timeliness, etc., arrange the sequence of delivery reasonably.
    2. When you reach the destination, place the transportation and express.
    3. Sort out the personal instrument before entering the door. After entering the door, take the initiative to show your identity, and show the relevant documents.
    (4) Express signing:
    1. Valid documents for checking the customer or client's client.
    . It is prompted to check whether the outer packaging is intact. For the express mail damaged due to the outer packaging, the explanation should be polite, and according to the company's requirements, it should be rejected or inspected.
    3. For the express delivery of paying or receiving payment, we will collect relevant fees from customers and issue relevant bills.
    4. The assignant fills in his job number or name on the transportation order, and instructs customers to sign at the specified location; if you use electronic signing, the customer is requested to sign on the signing device.
    5. After the customer is signed, the assignants who have the conditional outlets immediately use the scanning tool to upload the express information of the fast item, and properly place the handling of the handling sign.
    (5) Transfer: Normal signing of the shipments, the shipping receipt is handed back to the company's relevant staff, involving relevant expenses, and submit them together.
    (6) Express processing that cannot be delivered normally: Register for the express mail that cannot be signed normally, put it properly, safely return the processing point, and hand over the express mail to the express delivery personnel for processing.
    1. The first delivery is unsuccessful. The staff should take the initiative to contact the recipient to confirm the time and address of the delivery again.
    2. If you are submitted again and unsuccessful, you can inform the company's address and working hours to notify the customer to collect themselves. If the customer still needs to be delivered, the additional fee should be notified.
    3. For the shortcomings of the recipient and the sender, in addition to the difficulty of saving the express mail, the express can be disposed of in accordance with the relevant regulations after 3 months of proper preservation.
    The out of the customer's self -accessing express delivery refers to the above process processing.
    5. Express query
    The customer service staff provides express status query services based on the network ‍ customer service platform.
    1. The customer service platform includes telephone and network online query system. Customers can also query by themselves according to the express mail inquiry system.
    2. For the express mail that cannot be found through the inquiry system, when the customer calls, the courier service organization shall inform the customer's express state within 30 minutes. If the express state information cannot be provided, the customer shall notify the contents and procedures of the customer. Bleak

  2. Hello, you want to engage in the courier business, it is very simple! You can contact the local courier company. Almost all courier companies recruit salespersons. As long as you are hardworking, as long as you enter it, there is no problem! In the future, the business time is slightly longer. I need to obtain a courier qualification certificate. With this document, it is very simple to go to which courier! Of course, it is definitely not needed to start engaged in, but if a company has been doing it for a long time, the company will definitely ask you to take this document! Because the courier company can operate, it also depends on whether the number of this document meets the regulations! Good luck ~

  3. Join the courier industry process:
    1. Select a company, and then go to the local branch to negotiate.
    2. Some companies can directly use the existing company to proxy. Without a company, they can act in the name of their own, and then use the headquarters business license.
    3. Add courier precautions: I must have transportation vehicles, at least 2 employees, and whether there are outlets in the area where there are

  4. Find a courier company to work, you can simply enter the industry. Generally, the courier starts.
    The definition of express delivery: The door -to -door logistics activities with the postal function refer to the express delivery company to quickly deliver customer cargo through the transportation of railway, highway and air transportation. In addition to the faster delivery destination and must be signed, many courier companies currently provide mail tracking functions, commitments to delivery time, and other services provided by customers.

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