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    It Guangdong Xiqiao is the native of textiles in the country. The silk satin and gauze produced by Xiqiao are historically known as "the world of Guangduli, and the silk is known as Shenzhou." Chen Qiyu, the first national capitalist and textiler in Chinese history, is from the South China Sea West.
    It is located in the southwestern part of Nanhai City, Guangdong Province. It is located between Guangzhou, Foshan, Shunde, Jiangmen, and Gaoming. It is only 45 kilometers from the city of Guangzhou to the north. The natural scenery of Xiqiao Mountain is quiet and beautiful, the tourism culture is thick, and the folk customs are simple and natural. Since the Qing Dynasty, the literati and elegant are rushing, and the travelers and travelers have come to make the beautiful Xiqiao Mountain a well -known tourist hotspot.

    The most famous scenic spots in the mountains are Baiyun Cave and Yunzhengquan Fairy Pavilion. Baiyun Cave was founded during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty (1522-1566). The pavilion and the pavilion are hidden in Cangsong Cuinea; the back of the gardens has Tianhu, Yunlu Village, Danguang Garden and other attractions, and the east foot has Shi Yanyan, Dongru Shi, Xiangshuiyan and other wins. Yunquan Xianyuan was originally a Yulou Academy, and was later converted into a Taoist view. The viewing of Shouzhen Pavilion, Listening to the Quanlou, Gaose Pavilion, and Taoist temples were built. Like a fairy palace.

    The natural scenery of Xiqiao Mountain is beautiful. During the embellishment, it became this world -renowned masterpiece that extinguishes hundreds of millions of years. The mountains and forests of Xiqiao are deep, lush, cave walls, and rich water storage. Half in Xiqiao ", today people call:" green jade "," solid reservoir ". It is precisely because of the high -quality natural tourism resources of Xiqiao Mountain that the State Council and the Ministry of Forestry have successively awarded it with two laurels of "National Scenic Scenic Area" and "National Forest Park".

    Xiqiao Mountains have the reputation of "The Lighthouse of the Pearl River Civilization". As early as 6,000 years ago, the hard -working and intelligent Xiqiao Mountain people created a brilliant "backbolic stone" on this land. Culture; During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a large number of literati students represented by Zhan Ruoshui, He Baiyun, and Kang You lived in Xiqiao Mountain in seclusion, exploring science and refining their minds, so that Xiqiao Mountain won the elegance of the "Nanyue Study Mountain", and the Xiqiao Mountain. Religious and cultural characteristics are distinctive. She not only integrates the combination of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism as its characteristics, but also with the elegant Guanyin culture with Chinese characteristics. It has become a must -have place for people to study the Guanyin culture; Xiqiao Mountain is also the birthplace of "South Boxing Culture". Huang Feihong, a generation of martial arts in this land more than a hundred years ago, was the representative of this martial art. Huang Feihong He has promoted the national essence and revitalized martial arts in his life. Because of his lofty martial arts and morality, he was loved by people. Books written by him, filmed films, TV drama Lin Lin, and he was viewed. Noble quality, household names, women and children, heroes Huang Feihong and its "South Boxing Culture" have become a hot spot at the level of tourism culture in China today. As the Xiqiao Mountain of the National Forest Park, its green culture is more prominent. With its beautiful ecological environment and superior geographical location, Yoshan is known as the "back garden" of the entire "Pearl River Delta". A blessing place.

    The cliffs, strange caves, cold ponds, waterfalls, and famous monuments on the mountains, attracting tourists to find a gantrum victory, and they come. The main scenic spots are: Baiyun Cave Scenic Area, Jiyu Cave Scenic Area, Cuiyan Scenic Area, Shiyanyan Scenic Area, Nanhai Guanyin Cultural Garden, Huangdaxian Shengjing Park, Dahu Park, etc.

    "Hundred Steps", Feng Ke's road, flowers and plants to welcome people; "Yunyan Waterfall", 琤琤 琤琤, all four mountains; "Cuiyan", steep cliffs, clear eyes; "non -leaf wells", the water is often overflowing, the ice is bright and bright; "Shi Yanyan" There is a lake in the rock, the lake is clear, the rafting in the lake, the fantasy of the fantasy; Well; "Tianhu", the sky is pretty, the rafting lake, people are in the picture. Xiqiao Mountain Rong scenery, geology, archeology, science, strange flowers, and folk stories are one of them.

    The Baiyundong Scenic Area is located on the northwest foot of the mountain. It is one of the 36 holes of Xiqiao Mountain. "Visiting Baiyun" said, the scholars, literati, and Mo Ke of all ages have left a rich cultural relics and historic sites for Baiyun Cave, such as Sanhu Academy, Kuiguang Tower, Yunquan Xianyuan, Baiyun Ancient Temple and other groups of Ming and Qing buildings. Among them, the "Xiqiao Cloud Waterfall" has been listed as "one of the eight scenic spots of Yangcheng" in the Qing Dynasty.

    The Guanyin Cultural Garden of Xiqiao Mountain is located on the top of Daxian Peak, Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai City. , Covering an area of ​​150,000 square meters, the Daxian Peak is 292.47 meters above sea level. It is one of the seventy -two peaks of Xizheng. Overlooking Daxianfeng, it is fully in line with the best luck of the "left green dragon winding, the right white tiger tame, the back of the basalt dance, the front Suzaku dance".

    The height of the Guanyin method is 61.9 meters, which means that Guanyin became the meaning of June 19. Fa -phase is a sitting position, with the top of the pearl sky crown, the Xiang of Xiang, bending his eyebrows and lips, the eyes look like a double star, a slightly sloping look, a dresser, hanging the jelly, with the decoration, wearing a tanker, the eyebrows are sitting on the lotus platform. Looking at all beings, showing peace and dignity, and rescue the compassion of suffering and suffering. The diameter of the Guanyin Faba Lotus is 36 meters in diameter, and there are 66 lotus petals in the three layers of inlaid on the outside. Inside the French seat is a spectacular five -story hall, displaying many Guanyin culture arts and Gongdling. The lotus seat is surrounded by water on all sides and has four bridges.

    The magnificent Guanyin giant portrait is also the Qianfo Yinghui attraction. The thirty -three famous pavilions built on the surrounding area are dedicated to the thirty -three embodiment of Guanyin. On the left side of Daxianfeng, the artistic value of Guanyin Temple at home and abroad is built, and the Guanyin statue is a micro -shrinking scenic spot. There are also unique and beautiful Guanyin cultural buildings such as Shengyu City, Fushou Lianchi, Huanhai Mirror Qing, Torii Plaza, etc.

    It king Xiqiao, like traveling in the painting. The tourism service facilities in the scenic area are complete, integrating food, living, playing, traveling, and purchasing. The main hotels include Yunying Qionglou Hotel (four stars), Xiqiao Mountain Hotel (Samsung), and Xiqiao Shan International Youth Hotel.

  2. Xiqiao Town is located in the southwestern part of the Nanhai District, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province. It is a national "AAAA" -level scenic spot, National Forest Park, China Famous Town, and Central Town of Guangdong Province. In administrative village, there are more than 140,000 people in the resident and more than 60,000 people.

    Over the years, Xiqiao has always adhered to economic construction as the center, the countryside as the main battlefield, focusing on the development of non -public ownership economy, market -oriented, relying on scientific and technological progress, optimizing industrial structure, economic construction With the rapid and healthy development of various causes of society, the comprehensive strength has increased significantly. In 2005, the regional GDP achieved a total value of 7.28 billion yuan, an increase of 15.6 % year -on -year; total economic revenue was 21.621 billion yuan, an increase of 18.7 %; tax revenue was 728 million yuan, an increase of 13.9 %; the town -level fiscal revenue was 270 million yuan, an increase of 13 % ; The balance of various deposits of financial institutions was 9.172 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6 %, of which 7.12 billion yuan of urban and rural residents' savings deposits, an increase of 16.8 %; the total electricity consumption was 1.65 billion kWh, an increase of 4.2 %, of which the industrial electricity consumption was 1.39 billion kilowatt -hours ; The per capita net income of farmers was 8347 yuan, an increase of 5.1 %. Essence

    Xiqiao is the hometown of textiles. Fifty or six thousand years ago, the Xiqiao textile industry was launched in the 1980s. In recent years, the town committee and town government have actively promoted the "large market, large circulation, promoting industrial development" and "science and technology prosperity" strategies, promoted the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries with high -tech, and realized the second revolution of the Xiqiao textile industry. On the basis of the light textile city modeling company, the Southern Technology Innovation Center was established to provide technological innovation services for the textile industry in all directions, which accelerated the pace of new product development and improved the quality of product quality. Comprehensively developed with Donghua University (formerly China Textile University). Successfully held the "First China Xiqiao International Decoration Fabric Fair", including France, Italy, Taiwan and many other countries and regions and many domestic manufacturers participating in the exhibition. Xiqiao set off a new round of decoration fabric development boom.

    Xiqiao is a tourist destination. The area of ​​Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area is 14.2 square kilometers. Xiqiao Mountain is also the largest manufacturing workshop in the stone in South China. "Xiqiao Mountain Culture" has made great contributions to the development of Chinese civilization. He has bred a group of Shi Xianjie, such as Kang Youwei, Chen Qizhen, Zhan Tianyou, Huang Feihong, Huang Junyi, and Saitama. The natural scenery of Xiqiao Mountain is beautiful, rich in humanistic landscapes, and has a lot of traffic in transportation. It is a good place for tourism vacations, adventure hunting, and archeological secrets. The West Coast Scenic Area under the jurisdiction of Xiqiao Town is located in the southwest of Xiqiao Mountain. It is a scenic spot that is well protected by natural ecology. Here are surrounded by mountains and green trees, and Liuquan Waterfall is endless all year round. It is an ideal choice for vacation, leisure and sightseeing. There are 25 hotels and hotels in the town, with four -star Yunying Qionglou and a number of star hotels. In 2005, a total of 2.78 million tourists received tourists and realized tourism income of 487 million yuan.

    . The economy of Xiqiao is steadily developing. "San Gao" Agricultural, Ceramics, Hardware Electric, Chemical, Printing and Packaging Industry is also the pillar industry of Xiqiao. Agriculture has formed five major production bases of grain, aquatic products, vegetables, poultry and livestock, and economic crops. The high -quality aquaculture area is more than 30,000 acres, and more than 30,000 acres of vegetables are planted throughout the year. The quality of building ceramic products ranks among the forefront of the country. There are 23 ceramic factories and 130 production lines in the town, with an annual output of 150 million square meters of building pottery products. The products are well -known in China and exported to North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Spain and other places. There are more than 150 hardware chemical companies, becoming the third largest industrial industry. There are 3 new motorcycles and carriers, with an annual production capacity of more than 260,000 units, exporting to South Africa and other places. Printing, clothing and other industries have also developed new development.

    Xiqiao is a hot land for investment. Xiqiao is located at the forefront of reform and opening up, and the three major industries have developed reasonably. The excellent environment for investment in investment and property has been formed. The water and land transportation in the town is convenient. It is 40 kilometers away from Guangzhou and more than 30 minutes from Gaoming Port and Pingzhou Port. There are Xijiang Freight Terminals in the town. The water and electricity supply are sufficient, the communication network is developed, and the infrastructure is complete. In recent years, the infrastructure of roads, bridges, and water conservancy facilities based on more than 1 billion yuan in recent years has built a road traffic network with all directions, and the road opening mileage has reached more than 270 kilometers. The level of a hundred years. Xiqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park has introduced 20 projects with 500 million yuan. Following the principles of high starting point design, high standard construction, high -tech projects, high -quality products, and high -efficiency benefits, and launched a series of preferential measures, sincerity, sincerity, sincerity, sincerity Invite merchants from all walks of life to join.

    Xiqiao is an advanced township of hundreds of millions of farmers' fitness activities across the country. Mass sports activities have been widely launched, and activities such as basketball, table tennis, and dragon boat races have continued all year round. The Xiqiao Women's Dragon Boat has won the excellent results of "six crowns and one Asian" in many games at home and abroad in the past two years.

    The scenery of Xiqiao is gorgeous; the development of Xiqiao is prosperous. In the new century, new challenges and new ideas, Xiqiao will continue to play their location, humanities, and environmental advantages, rely on scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation, vigorously promote the application of informationization, promote industrialization and modernization, and compose new chapters.

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