How to distinguish between true and false

I just bought the box, which is different from the cigarette case I bought before

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  1. The word "Liqun" in the front of the real smoke trademark adopts bronzing, laser process, and protruding edges, clear and round, with obvious sense of strength; fake cigarettes are frizzy, yellowish colors, and fonts float on the surface.
    This holographic anti -counterfeiting logo is developed by international advanced holographic anti -counterfeiting technology and optical relief, invisible micro -shrinking technology combinations. There is a line signature below the relief, and there is no fake cigarette.
    The talked tobacco steel seal is different, the sense of strength is obvious, and the contour is clear; the depth of the fake tobacco steel seal is consistent and the contour is rough and blurred.
    is true on the left, right is fake

    extension information:
    brand value:
    "2006 China's most valuable brand conference" in Beijing Hold. The "Liqun" brand in 2006 was worth 11.01 billion yuan, and the 15th place in China was the 15th place. The "Liqun" brand was founded in 1960. In 1995, in order to meet the needs of the market, the old renovation was successfully renovated.
    In 2005, the sales volume of the "Liqun" brand series reached 325,000 boxes, an increase of 26.3%year -on -year. It is a brand with a large sales of cigarette brands of about 150 yuan/bar in China. In 2006, "Liqun" The total sales of the brand are expected to exceed 400,000 boxes.
    The types of cigarettes currently have 21 types. They are: Liqun (new version) Liqun (hard) Liqun (soft long mouth) Liqun (soft red long mouth) Liqun (soft blue) Liqun (leisure) Liqun (sunlight) Liqun (old version) Liqun (Shenzhou)
    li group (long mouth) Liqun (blue sky) Liqun (long mouth AUS) Liqun (Xiaoyao) Liqun (soft) Liqun (festive English) Liqun (hard long mouth exit ) Liqun (English) Liqun (Soft Sunshine Exit) Liqun (Soft Fuchun Mountain Residence) Liqun (Mint) Liqun (Hard Spring Mountain Residence)
    Reference Data Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Litu Tobacco R r r r

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Miki, please wait a moment. I am given your best answers and suggestions according to your question. You only need to wait patiently for a while. I will reply to you in five minutes. Thank you very much.nHello, 1, look at the pull bar on the cigarette boxnThe pull strips on the long mouth of Zhenliqun are numb. The words on the pull strips are seal with glue, and the pull head is mostly oval. There is no hemp point on the long mouth of the fake lips, most of the words on the pull strips are concave, and most of the pull heads are irregular graphics or no pull -headed heads.n2. Look at the steel sealnThe contours of the steel print at the bottom of the red long -mouth cigarette case are clear, and the steel prints are deep and shallow. The steel print at the bottom of the fake group of red long -mouth cigarette box is relatively vague, and each word is consistent.n3. Look at the quality of printingnThe three -dimensional sense of the red long mouth printing of Zhenliqun is very strong, and the pattern is clear. There is no three -dimensional texture in the fake lofty group, the pattern is relatively vague, and the thickness of the font is different from the real smoke.n4. Look at the length of the filter mouthnZhenli Qun's long mouth filtering mouth is 30mm long. The length of the fake group red mouth is 25mm, and only it is very good to identify this.n5. See ultraviolet fluorescence anti -counterfeitingnZhenli Qun's long -mouth pull strips use ultraviolet fluorescence anti -counterfeiting. We use ultraviolet rays to expose the English letters of "ZJZY". There is no change under the irradiation of the fake littering long mouth.nI hope my answer can help you.nMore 10nBleak

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear ~ How to distinguish between the dividend group cigarettes? ① First of all, look at transparent paper and line -head manufacturing process. The genuine Liten (new version) is produced by GDX2 packaging units. The characteristics of the linear shape of the line; and the fake and shoddy cigarette products are mostly packed by hand, so the transparent paper is not flat, the transparentness is poor, or the linear shape is irregular, or both characteristics. The features are relatively obvious, and the differences can be found in a little attention. ② Look at the diamond -shaped laser anti -counterfeiting logo, the cigarette box or the middle and upper position of the small bag has a diamond -shaped holographic laser anti -counterfeiting logo, especially the plum pattern in the logo. The geometric pattern is very obvious; while the anti -counterfeiting signs of fake cigarettes, the patterns are blurred, whether it is giving light or backlight change, the sensitivity difference between the pattern has no main and secondary sense. Some even have no plum patterns, but obvious grids. ③ Look at the printing process of trademark paper, genuine and lofty group (new version) cigarette, trademark paper printing is delicate and exquisite, especially the lines and edges are still clearly visible; and fake cigarettes are mostly imitation, trademarks, rough paper printing, and after magnifying multiple times, after a certain amount of magnification, after a certain multiple, after a certain amount of magnification, after a certain multiple, after a certain amount of magnification, after a certain multiple, it is magnified. There is a burrs at the edge of the pattern or text. ④ Look at the barcode printing process on the side of the cigarette, the barcode font of the cigarette cigarette (new version) cigarettes is thick, dark and dark, and the edges are printed clean, without stains; while the printing fonts of fake cigarettes are not saturated enough, the color contrast is light and the edges Printed with virtual edges. ⑤ Look at the color of the tobacco and the formula, the real cigarette silk color is golden, there is oily, and the filament wire formula structure is reasonable, mostly leaf filaments, basically no stalk wire; The treated hard cigarette stalks have a higher rate of smoke.

  4. Seeing on the Internet: Hard group cigarettes were produced by Hangzhou Cigarette Factory in Zhejiang Province and were one of the 36 famous cigarettes. Various specifications of tough groups are produced by the Italian GDX2 packaging machine. The authenticity methods are as follows: 1. The authentic strip bag transparent paper sticks to one -third of the back, the width is about 15mm, and the thread head is the head. Half -circular, about 10mm in diameter, the knife mouth is parallel, and the pseudo -cigarette head is greater than 10mm, and the knife mouth is not parallel. 2. Seal a line of lines at the end of the box; and fake cigarettes are a one -point type; three -point sealing of the cigarette side, the fake cigarettes are not standardized. 3. Small box packaging sticks to the left and right of a 8mm wide five -point matrix rubber marks. The aluminum paper and the small box are sealed before and after the sealing of a five -point matrix rubber marks; and the fake cigarettes are randomly sliced. 4, suction: there is sufficient aroma, basically no irritation, no miscellaneous gas, clean and comfortable aftertaste, poor scent of fake smoke aroma, heavy gas, high irritation, unclean and comfortable residual taste.

  5. This can be torn off the metal paper on the cigarette bag first (that is, the mouth that opens the cigarette), and burn it. If there is a layer of metal film in the burning, it is true. Method 2, go one centimeter on the cigarette butt and fold to thirty degrees. If it is continuous, the fake cigarettes are broken, and some good smoke can even be folded 90 degrees. Thank you for adopting. Essence

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