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    I I am a small clothing store practitioner! The main thing is to join retail! I dare not discuss the trend, because there are many seniors and big coffees, which are very successful clothing people! At the beginning, I was joining the Shenzhen women's clothing brand. After a few years of operation, I found that the conditions of the company became more and more demanding, and the requirements were higher and higher, and the clothes designed by the designer could not keep up with the fashion rhythm. I stayed in Guangzhou for a few days and went home to give up the original brand decisively! Follow the trend of the times, quickly set up their own brands, cooperate with different designers, and set up their own original designer companies. At that time, I was operating exclusively for a year and a half, and the Henan market slowly became popular with original brands, but there was a certain difference between fabrics, and the price was relatively cheap! And my own brand positioning the mid -to -high -end market, unique fabric style, stylish style, strong design, and has always been at the forefront! As for the trend, I think the niche positioning and the gathered store will be the future development direction! Second, the designer brand is still in a leading position in the next five to ten years! Third, it is still possible to join the big brand of chain. The medium -sized clothing companies will slowly be replaced by boutique stores. Fourth, online stores cannot replace clothing stores. The impact must be unique clothing stores, and specialty stores will never disappear! This is the development trend of clothing in the future. Although it is not comprehensive, it should be representative!

    It, the delivery production side: Clothing factories are generally facing difficulties in recruitment. Even if the environment is not good this year, many clothing factories are not satisfied with those who cannot be met. And there are fewer and fewer technical car workers. Actually, many clothing factories are sewing technology to show a downward trend. If it is too high, the employee is unwilling to do it. Therefore, the subsequent boutique factories are getting scarce, and the working prices of fine clothing will be higher and higher. Large factories are decreasing, but small workshops have increased a lot, but the price of low -end routes will only go lower and lower because of competition. As for the road to realize the intelligent chemical factory, there is a long way to go. After all, many intelligent devices come out now are only suitable for large -scale large -scale production, and run counter to the current trend of clothing models towards multiple quality.

    In finally talk about clothing sales side: improving the domestic consumption level, in fact, clothing consumption is a large piece. But this year's clothing consumption will definitely not be very good. After all, the clothing factories are not very busy now. Few the online stores and physical wholesale bosses I have contacted me said that this year's business is very good. It seems that everyone thinks this year is the hardest year. Of course, a few do not rule out. This industry has gold every year. In fact, selling clothing is the same reasoning as selling houses. The most important thing for the house is the location, except for the location or the location. For clothing, the most important thing is style, except for styles or styles. Especially for women's clothing. As for marketing channels, if you still go to the Taobao Tmall route now, it is definitely a bit difficult. You may wish to take a short video route. After all, the 5G era is coming soon. A channel trend of clothing sales.

    For our clothing practitioners, only the trend can only be followed by the trend, can we gain a foothold in this industry. I hope the peers will communicate a lot. I am a tailor master.

    In analyzed the current development trend of the clothing industry! At present, stores are in the form of stores: there are not only traditional offline clothing stores in China, which can give customers a profound experience and good after -sales service, but also have emerging online stores that allow customers to save expenses and shopping time. But the two services have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of service requirements: there are only a single brand and clothing in traditional stores, while the emerging clothing markets and online stores have a variety of. A variety of styles and brand clothing have met the needs of customers to a certain extent, but they cannot meet the customer's private persons to private persons. Customized personalized pursuit. Therefore, the future development trend of clothing stores will pay more attention to the combination of the advantages of online clothing stores and facade clothing stores in the form of storefronts, which can not only allow customers to have a trial experience and after -sales guarantee, but also save customers time and expenses! In terms of customer needs, there may be many individual clothing stores or large -scale clothing markets that are customized for ordinary people's privately customized sectors. The people's economic tolerance

    It today I will talk to you about this topic. For wholesalers and retailers, most people have accepted online shopping enthusiasm. These are essential, and it undoubtedly increases the cost of material. The wool is on the sheep, which also leads to the low cost of online shopping due to the low cost. This is also the network platform that everyone can quickly accept virtual. At that time, Ma Yun firmly said that Alibaba would surpass Taobao? It is also the same amount as the above problem. Since the online sales are to save facade decoration, the manufacturer's direct sales are to directly overlap the price of the transit level. Manufacturer-supplier-seller-buyer is currently selling level 3 sales, which is currently sold. Alibaba is a sales of level 2. Suppliers crossed the vertical model of the seller directly sold to buyers in the current online shopping trend. In the future, various industries will be vertical. This is why Ma Yun determined that Alibaba will surpass Taobao, but there is currently a platform. Emperor Yizai is a trading platform that is directly a manufacturer and seller. This platform is a thousand manufacturers who stay directly in. The physical store merchants and online store merchants can directly have a wholesale price, and there is no reason to return for 8 days. The mainstream method of picking up the goods is divided into two types: First, the wholesale market is the main source of the purchase of most clothing store owners to get the goods wholesale market. In recent years, with the impact of the Internet, each wholesale market has Popularity is constantly changing. However, for most clothing store owners, especially women, often running foreign markets to buy not only spend time and flower roads, but also waste a lot of physical strength and energy. Personal safety and property security are not guaranteed. So this way is facing transformation. Second, the online goods are generally divided into the following methods: 1. There are too many websites or softwares that can be taken by the website, and there are many unreliable ones. It is recommended to go to the well -known website to get the goods. For example, the most well -known is Alibaba wholesale platform, which was created by Ma Yun. The advantage of getting goods on it is that you will not be deceived. If you are not satisfied with the order, you can return the goods. But a bit of disadvantage is that many of the sources of sources are individuals, or some small enterprises provide supply. The overall is messy, and you need you to pick the goods like shopping on Taobao. The sharp eyes can indeed get good goods. In response to these situations, I personally feel that the Emperor Yilian approval is relatively complete. Emperor Yi.com batch all the wholesale market products in Guangzhou. There are tens of thousands of manufacturers and millions of styles in the background. They capture the sales data of some treasures and Dong clothing in the network. Combining the actual situation of the season, using big data distribution functions, automatically screening out reliability, reliable, and reliable. High -quality store resources. In addition, the Emperor's network approval can predict the trend of the future in advance, and comprehensively analyze and summarize the future fashion trends from color fabrics, pattern technology, silhouette themes, and finished products. Let you not press the goods because of the outdated clothes. In addition, Di Yi.com will update the models every week, unlike the daily new daily on the other platforms. The Emperor team has made new products through big data analysis and buyers recommendation. Because this model is directly displaying the source of the source, the traditional way to take the goods is moved to the Internet to get the goods, the wholesale price is omitted, and the boat is omitted. And Baidu coordinate address. Baidu street scenes are at a glance. The clothing market played an irreplaceable role in China in the 1980s. As a mature clothing product distribution model, it has achieved good economic benefits and social influence, so this industry has great development. And as a local customer advantage of Guangzhou, the website can see at a glance that the model picture price of the entire market has a small function of opening the store. The Emperor Yizai is just an intimate cotton jacket for clothing sellers. However, what currently lacks is that Di Yi has only done the clothing industry. It is not as widely included in various industries as Alibaba. I hope everyone likes my sharing.

    For a long period of time, the Chinese clothing industry will maintain the status quo.

    The large population base in China. The design and development capabilities of the Chinese clothing industry are too weak. Asia is a clothing production base in the world, but you can see several Asia in international first -tier brands and big -name designers. The Chinese clothing industry has a weak influence internationally.

    This causes a lot of problems, mainly two points:

    one is the vast majority of words in all walks of life in Europe and the United States in the past 100 years. The clothing industry is not like aerospace, military, Internet, technology chips, etc. that can change future development trends (these industries will definitely invest a lot of manpower, material and financial costs). The clothing industry belongs to the category of people's livelihood.

    The second, because the national support policies are small, basically rely on domestic individual personnel to work independently. Therefore, the Chinese people must take the fastest and most effective way to imitate the design of the first -tier brand, and then go through the processing of processing in the domestic market. They are all operating methods of workshops, and they are unable to develop at all, and those who have developed the development of clothing industry have long understood the status quo of the clothing industry. It feels too difficult to go up. Financial investment, etc. In short, it is the country to support which industry support.

    is worth mentioning that the prospects of the clothing auxiliary materials industry are very broad. At this time, it is a good time to join the clothing auxiliary materials industry. It is specially recommended

    Trading platform-New Chain Zhilian. New Chain Zhilian is committed to providing transaction solutions and operation services for clothing companies and auxiliary materials suppliers, improving the overall operating efficiency of the clothing accessories industry, optimizing the clothing accessories industry structure, and achieving the industry sharing and win -win.

    In the last summary, there is no need to be too pessimistic about the status quo of the clothing industry. Although there are ceilings in the clothing industry, it has a market, and it must be hungry than most industries now. The problem of excess inventory is not small, but it is much better in the past two years, but the clothing industry is definitely not easy to do in the past two or three years. Don't be too aggressive. After a large shuffle year, the rest will hope to climb another peak.

    This will not change much in general and now, but clothes will become more and more expensive, because fewer and fewer workers in clothing are getting less and less. Some people say that online shopping will impact physical stores. In fact, they are not them. Understand, the physical store is mainly killed by rent. Now it is actually higher than the cost of an online store than the physical store, and it needs to be more capable than the physical store owner. The store cannot make money, and I have a deep understanding (because there are two physical stores and online stores)! Just open a online shop to take photos to the wholesale market and get the goods. Some people buy it!

    The problems that seem to have nothing to do with the clothing itself need to be considered.

    1. The unemployment rate rises.

    . Resident liability rates increase.

    3. The population of the first and second -tier cities is lost.

    4. Implementation of e -commerce law.

    5. Individual industrial and commercial households cancel the fixed tax.

    6. The local government's 263.331.3 combined 1 rectification.

    7. Other force majeure factors.

    The did not care too much in previous years. But starting in 2019, these seemingly unrelated issues with the clothing industry will have a huge impact on the clothing industry.

    will develop from the following directions:

    1. Subtraction areas, such as pet clothing, nightclub clothing, children's cosplay, trend limit, retro recovery, children's performance wait.

    2. New materials, for example, anti -DuPont monopoly, special fabrics, military transfer people, nanomaterials, polymer, and so on.

    4. Independent design segmentation, such as independent designers, independent studios, personal brands, etc.

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