Which is the best used car dealer in Chengdu?

Recently I want to buy a used car. Compared with a lot of better, I do n’t know which one is better. Please recommend one, objective and fair, thank you!

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  1. Chengdu mainly has two second -hand car markets, the largest on the Baijia Motor Management Office, called Hongmeng used car market. The other is Nine Xing Avenue, called Donghua used car market. In the market, there are more than 500 merchants and brand car dealers.
    It some new cars in Chengdu also have used car departments, which are distributed in new cars such as airport roads, Yangxi Line, San Shengxiang and other new cars.
    The large -scale used car dealers independently established a brand used car exhibition hall outside the market, such as Tongcheng used cars on the airport road and Baichuan used car on the Red Archway.
    It from the number of second -hand cars, the market is the most; but in terms of quality, it is still a big brand car dealer and 4S shop. Tongcheng used cars were at No. 599 West Road, South Railway Station. It is recommended to see it.

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