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  1. Successful marketing is to establish a good customer relationship and gradually transform new customers into old customers; retaining old customers is one of the top priorities of marketing.

    but in many industries, a considerable part of managers only pay attention to attracting new customers. In order to maintain sales, they can continue to supplement "new customers". Get more than 100 customers, so continuously circulating. This is the famous "funnel principle". Leave the existing customers, so that the company will focus on the management of management before and in marketing, causing many problems in the marketing after marketing to be solved in a timely and effective solution, so that existing customers will be lost in large quantities.

    The example of the catering industry as an example to talk about how to carry out customer management.

    How to categorize customers?

    According to the current status and consumption trend of the Chinese catering industry, combined with customer consumption frequency and loyalty, customers can be divided into "passengers" and "" passengers "and" " Scattered customers "," frequent customers "," loyal guests ". That is:

    The definition according to consumption frequency:

    Loyal customers: customers who frequently come to store consumption have a high degree of loyalty to the brand.

    I frequent customers: customers who often go to the store have higher loyalty to the brand.

    The customer: Customers who are randomly consumed in the store have not yet formed brand loyalty.

    The passenger: customers who only go to the store once have not yet formed brand loyalty.

    The return customers: Customers who spend the second and above -storey consumption, collectively referred to as returning customers.

    The definition according to consumption behavior:

    The customer: customers who go to the store consumption, non -paying customers.

    The customer: customers who go to the store to check out.

    "passengers" and "scattered customers" are just randomly spending on catering stores. There are great randomness, accidentality, and variability. Such people may be traveling to the store, or they may be friends. Consumption from the store may also be interested in consumption, without the regularity of consumption and consumption viscosity.

    "frequent customers". Such groups often take into account stores. He may be attracted by the restaurant's environment, dishes, services or location, and establishes trading relationships based on the restaurant.

    "loyal guests" and "returning guests". Such groups are "loyalty", "brain residual powder" in the restaurant, and have a stable brand trust relationship with the restaurant.

    On how to lock the target customer group?

    Then for different customer groups, the restaurant should establish its own "catering customer development pyramid model" to analyze "passengers" and "scattered customers", "scattered customers" The development stage and group characteristics of "frequent customers" and "loyal customers" lock the target customer base, that is, "loyalty" and "frequent customers", marketing must be less effective. Because the cost of getting a new customer is 5-8 times that of the cost of an existing customer. And 20%of old customers created 80%income.

    Ol three how to establish a good relationship with customers?

    1. Establish a customer database to get the consumer "portrait"

    After the Internet gradually enters the big data era, it will inevitably bring a one to restaurants and consumer behavior. Change and reshape the series. The biggest change is that all acts of consumers seem to be "visualized" in front of the restaurant. Based on the big data, the restaurant system management of consumers can clearly screen out which development stage the customer is in, obtain consumer information, and use system collection and analysis of information data such as consumer social attributes, living habits, consumer behavior and other information data, outline a one to outline a one. Consumers' "full business". Based on the "customer portrait", it provides a sufficient information foundation for the restaurant to help restaurants quickly find more extensive feedback information such as precise user groups and user needs.

    2, effective ways and methods maintained by old customers

    -Clarify customer needs, subdivide customers, and meet customer needs.

    (1) "passengers" and "scattered customers" (can develop into fans guests). Marketing activities can improve customer loyalty through various rewards, discounts, discounts, gifts, etc. Increase consumer stickiness. And the emotional communication with customers is an important way for restaurants to maintain customer relationships, such as the sincere greetings of holidays, blessings on birthdays, etc. The end of a meal does not mean the end of the customer relationship. Afterwards, we must keep in touch with customers to ensure that their satisfaction continues.

    (2) "frequent guests" (the crowd that can develop into points guests). If a guest does not go to the store for three months, combined with the membership marketing system, the wake -up time point can be set up automatically, automatically right -to -right right -handed Loss customers to initiate marketing, use care language and appropriate incentives to guide customers to re -consumption.

    (3) "loyalty guests" and "return guests" (can develop into people who stored -value guests). Such groups themselves have a higher loyalty to corporate brands. And discount, otherwise it will cause "marketing mistakes". You can develop personalized marketing solutions, care about and support customer development in a wider range, enhance the purchasing power of customers, expand its consumption scale, or discuss new consumption channels and consumption methods with customers, and create and promote new needs.

    Seeing this, everyone should understand the key point -data management of customers. Not only in the catering industry, almost all industries should use data management in order to continue to go on and better. Friends, do you get a trace of inspiration from this article? Welcome to exchange and discuss! (Turn from "Gold Medal Manager WeChat Hall" WeChat public account)

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