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  1. Simple six steps allow you to have good connections in the workplace
    Simple six steps allow you to have a good connection in the workplace. You must maintain a respectful attitude in the workplace. You must have other progress in your work. Playing small and smart, the interpersonal relationship in the workplace is also very important. I will take you to understand the simple six -step walk to give you a good connection in the workplace.

    The simple six steps allow you to have good connections in the workplace 1. Consolidate the existing people
    lamenting that your circle is too small, lack of connections? The good news is that everyone's most important network is actually actually the most important connections. It ’s easy to come to the palm! Intimate friends, family, colleagues, classmates, and teachers now ... Simply calculate, you will be surprised that you have a lot of acquaintances. They are able to reach you, but it is an important part of your interpersonal network. Take the time to call to greet each other, meet and talk about time, and consolidate your connections.
    2. Expand the new person's connections
    It to make your career on the next level. In addition to the existing interpersonal network, you must extend your tentacles to cover the new connections. Valuable connections not only appear at business meetings, they will appear at any time. It is possible to encounter on private gatherings, bars or cafes, airplanes, and even when you queue up in supermarkets. I usually participate in what I like and meet the high chance of encountering nobles. Join industry groups or clubs, you can master the first -hand information with any internal news!
    . Pay attention to communication skills
    Whether it is company activities or external communication, try to separate from colleagues you are familiar with, more strangers than unfamiliar People talk. Seemingly simple communication, there are many techniques. Do not interrupt when two people talk about Zheng Huan or a private conversation; prepare more of your business cards and put it in the place where you can, this will make a series of actions such as meeting, greetings, and swap business cards become a series of actions. Naturally smooth; always knowing friends with a sincere heart, don't just think about what benefits others can bring to you; don't put too much pressure on others for making friends, don't ask for privacy, don't stand too close when speaking. Don't lie.
    4. Maintaining contact
    The people who maintain and nourish you are more important than knowing new friends! Most people are used to sealing the cards received as spare. When you need help, take it out and look at it, hoping to find the life -saving straw. However, this approach often only has the opposite effect. The clever approach is to keep in touch frequently, even if they can't immediately help you, you must continue to show humility and respect as always. Help friends pay more attention to the opportunity for them. You usually go out for a meal on the weekend, or drink a cup, which is a good way to make friendship.
    5. Do yourself
    The shy do you often face strangers and do not know how to greet them? This is not necessarily a bad thing. Because people are usually enthusiastic about the surface, people who pretend to be false retreat. If you are in introverted, don't force yourself to be open -minded in order to do a good relationship with strangers. Your smile and sincerity are your most powerful weapons. It will naturally attract a group of people who appreciate your characteristics and build a more reliable relationship with you.
    6. Human connections need to come and go
    In the establishment of human connections to spend so much time and energy. How to maximize the role? It is necessary to classify the friends you know. The field may help you, and you must know it. When you need help, don't feel sorry or embarrassed. That will only make you look not professional enough, or even unpredictable at all! Communication with people is a double road, accepting the grace of others, you can give back from other aspects. For example, asking him to dinner and provide suggestions when he encounters difficulties, even if he cares about daily chores, he will be grateful. As long as you master "sharing" and "feedback", you can also have enviable connections!
    Simple steps to let you have good people in the workplace how to cultivate good people in the workplace
    1. The sun is full of "good morning"
    When you go to the seat, this short time is called "golden minutes" by the workplace psychologist.
    In this minute, you need to convey a lot of information to you: I am glad to see you; work makes me happy; I have prepared to meet the problem and so on. This mentality requires you to reflect it with positive verbal expression, so the best form is to say "Good Morning" to everyone with a sunny manner. Over time, in the eyes of colleagues, your image will become positive, sunny and positive.
    2. I often bring you a sense of freshness
    The work in a changeable office, it will become monotonous and boring for a long time. Everyone likes people who often bring you freshness. If you can often replace eye -catching small jewelry outside the uniform work outfit, or often bring you just bought digital products for everyone to share, everyone will definitely treat you to you It feels special: Oh, this person is really special! You know, the number of "celebrity in the workplace" must not be much, and the people who are really liked by everyone are often those "special characters" full of childlike and changing!
    3. Share "Little Secret" with colleagues
    Who said that private affairs can't tell colleagues? The quarrel between themselves and her boyfriend, the little gossip of other colleagues can become a little fun after boring jobs. Especially in the working environment dominated by women, the "small secrets" in the workplace are particularly important. While you disclose the "secret" to colleagues, it is equivalent to conveying a message to her: I treat you as my own, you come to me, you come to me It's really important! Everyone likes to have a good opinion of themselves. The "small words" of each other between colleagues will definitely make your charm a lot of points!
    4. Don't be too close to the boss
    , even if you are in line with the boss and the aura, do not perform too much in the face of your colleagues! You know, the relationship between employees and bosses is very subtle, both cooperative and opposing relationships. A psychological study found that more than 70 % of employees regard the boss as "enemies" in the subconscious. If you have a good job of work performance and have a good relationship with your boss, don't show too much in front of your colleagues! Otherwise, maybe those female colleagues who are flattened with you also attribute you as "imaginary enemies"!
    5 , Try to speak softly
    This women who speak loudly often leave the impression that it is hesitant and high work efficiency. Although this will make your performance in the workplace add points, from the long run, often speaking loud Gives a sense of high and public personality. Even if you recognize your work performance, you may lose a little impression because of your high eight -degree tone. If you want to get a good popularity in the workplace, you must set your mentality, stand on the same front with your colleagues, speak calmly and loudly, and think about it, who will not like gentle, decent, and polite office women? Too much conveying negative information
    The office is a concentrated information. Being a message spiritual person will definitely add a lot to your charm. The key is, how should you convey information? American workplace psychologists point out that negative information often transmits negative information in the office often has an effect that is difficult to please. Because colleagues will have a certain negative emotion due to the information you provide, and in their subconscious, this emotion will also "emotion" to the news to the person. In this way, your impression in their hearts will become dark Negative!
    Therefore, try to pass positive information to colleagues, such as the company is about to organize foreign travel, or take one day holiday for one day. As for the news of the salary reduction, layoffs, and reduction of expenses, even if you know in advance, you must keep silent. This negative information will be announced to everyone by other company HR officials! To laugh at
    , just won a big Case, and was greatly praised by the boss, how should you perform? Waiting for the celebration wine, or can't wait to show off with colleagues and girlfriends? Started up and told my colleagues with a self -deprecating tone: Hi, my luck was so good, and I picked up this big cheap again. Even if you are close to your colleagues, you are also competitive relationships. If you have a woman, you will be jealous. Only when you learn to laugh at yourself can the other person feel good and make you a humble and mild "workplace celebrity"!

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