What to say about the convener of the convener to enter the group

What to say about the convener of the convener to enter the group

2 thoughts on “What to say about the convener of the convener to enter the group”

  1. If you want ~ Check, welcome you to come.

    The civilization is closed. Everyone is lively and prohibits advertising.
    The newcomer comes in and explodes, and the fruit photos are burst, as well as bribery management
    Sold a quilt, cheap quilt! Newcomer, do you buy it?
    New people, come to the bowl.
    Is when it's okay, work, not to make money, just to exercise yourself.
    It cannot be experienced, but you can ask for a cover.
    The weather is good today, welcome to the newcomers.
    It for a long time, now you have finally entered the group.
    It will not grab the object with you.
    The boy is mad, lying on the sand field, war drums, horseshoe raised, blood dyeing clothes, stepped in me, clothing crown the snow, entering the group.
    This in the paradise of joy, wearing the sparkling moonlight, sighing: I just enlightened the group and not envy the immortal.
    Whether it is poverty and rich, no matter the defects and perfection, no matter the disease and health, are you willing to enter the group for life?
    If in front of the bed, the moonlight, three accompanied by the central government, many people enter the group, few people sit in the village.
    Who sprinkled the rain dew through the earth? Who will breed the seedlings hard? You, newcomer, you are a great gardener! Look at the flowers that are blooming all over the ground, which one has no effort on you, and which one has no smile on your laugh!
    The newcomer was sitting by the small river. For a moment, Xiao Li Fei Dao became a little eunuch.

  2. The call for people to enter the group means that some and so on invite you to enter the group. What does this group do?

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